Light in the darkness

Unto the upright, there arises light in the darkness. – Psalm 112:4

The lion’s den where Daniel spent his night was, in all probability, filled with the thick darkness of death; the dungeon where Paul and Silas prayed, and then sang songs praising the Lord was covered by the gloominess of the night; and the living prison where Jonah was confined, he was able to sing praises to God from there.

For a Christian, there is no light so beautiful and so precious as that thin line of light that arises when the righteous is groping in darkness. It is well for us to experience darkness, so that when the light appears, however dim it may, we will be enraptured by the light.

However, there much be a victory of faith in our soul. We much accept the darkness as it is deemed worthy to be allowed in our life, for the Most Sovereign Lord. We may not understand the purpose for which this darkness is allowed in our life, but we must trust in God – that He never does anything without a reason. As we trust in our God, a day-star arises in our heart, and slowly the day breaks for us. The Holy Spirit lights up a light within us, and though it may be mild, its radiance will dissipate the surrounding darkness in our life.

Psalm 112_4


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