I know Whom I have believed

Many years back, on December 7th night, confused after reading a book about how the Roman Catholic faith is so wrong, I was sitting there alone in the hostel and it was very cold that night. And I was having a severe fever too. Not knowing what to do, what to trust, I thought of praying. But suddenly I realized that I actually didn’t know how to pray. I knew the Catholic prayers by heart… and I had prayed to God alone… but I was not even sure if the Lord listens to my prayers, since I didn’t know to pray. And feeling lonely on that cold night, I dared to look at the heavens and all I could tell God our Father was that I put all my trust in Him, that I accept that His Son Jesus Christ is my Saviour, and that He should have mercy on me for the sake of His Son Jesus Christ.

2 Timothy 1_12

After all these years, I know that the Lord heard the prayer of His child; He understood the mumbling and rambling of a child who did not know how to pray.

Looking at the path that I had crossed, it was shocking to see the number of times I had denied Him, the number of times I had betrayed Him, and the countless number of times I had left Him. But my LORD never left me, nor forsook me all these year. Till this day, He has guarded what I had entrusted to Him on that cold night on December 7th. And He is able to guard till that day.


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