Grace alone!

Once when I was talking to few good Christians… I am not saying it in a sarcastic manner, but in a truly appreciative manner… they are good Christians, albeit they listen to lots of preaching and accept those preaching without checking if those match with what the Bible proclaims.

I was asked to tell how the Lord saved me from the Catholic church. As I was telling how the Lord met me and saved me, my wife pointed out how I was very pious growing up as a Catholic and how zealous I was. Then one of the well-meaning Christians remarked: “Of course, that’s why the Lord saved you.” I was confused by that remark. I asked him to clarify that and he asked if I had not read Psalm 4, where in the third verse, it is written that the Lord has set apart the godly. So, he explained, that though I was following the road to perdition, worshipping the idols, since I was godly as I was sincere and zealous in what I did, the Lord saved me; that He would not let someone like me die in condemnation.To say I was shell-shocked would be an understatement.

Psalm 4_3

No, I am saved only and only by the grace of God our Father; I am sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ alone. There was nothing godly in the way that I had followed. It is not by my deeds, no sir, not by my deeds, for none of my deeds were pleasing in His eyes. And if it is by deeds, I know many people in my immediate family who are better candidates than I could ever be. My uncle is very zealous about his Catholic church; and he is a very good man. He would not hurt anyone; he does not tell lies. Anyone who comes across him, will have only good things to tell about him. Yet, he has not accepted the Lord as of today. No, it is not by any of my deeds… it is the pure grace, pure grace alone I am saved. For I was never godly to begin with. My deeds looked godly, but I was not. And it is by His grace alone!

Galatians 3


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