My strength!

Today, as the night was coming, I found my energy going down. My legs had swollen and I had trouble breathing. So, I ended up taking some rest. But then, something happened in our family, which sort of made me feel depressed and very lonely. And, suddenly I realized I had no strength left, and was exhausted. It has been a while since I felt this much loneliness and it was sort of very unsettling. Generally, I would go to sleep in my depression. But, today, I did something different. I read the morning devotions I was supposed to read… and as I was reading “The Spiritual Treasury” by William Mason, one line hit me hard:

Droop not, O believer, thy strength is the Lord’s omnipotence.

I could not take my eyes of that line and I kept reading it again and again. Then I realized how frail I am, spiritually, mentally and physically… when I try to do things by my own strength. But when I meditate on the Word of God, when the presence of the Lord surrounds me, everything changes. Yes, it is the Lord Who is my strength and it is His omnipotence that sustains me. Oh, by His divine grace, may the LORD help me to remember this forever and till eternity comes. God alone is my Strength and may my days be filled with Him.

Psalm 27_1


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