Unto the end!

Recently I had a chance to visit a fellow Christian who has been suffering from certain physical ailments for the last 10 months. He has been under tremendous discomfort and, occasionally, in severe pain. Though there were times it looked like he was recuperating well, his health relapsed quite a few times. After being pummelled repeatedly by sickness, he has become very weak now. When I met him, it was one of the bad days as he was suffering from intense pain.

We all started to pray for him and it was a potpourri of prayers. Few of them were commanding the demonic powers to leave right now; some were commanding that, by faith, his pain has gone away at this very second. And then a third group was pleading to God with tears, that he has suffered enough and he cannot take anymore; so the LORD must have mercy on him and deliver him at this minute.

Did you notice one common thing in all these prayers? Instant deliverance. Right now. This second. This minute. Guess the instant-noodles mentality has pervaded the Christians more than they know.

Anyway, as the prayers were continuing, this believer was shaking his head vehemently and everyone assumed that he was doing so in pain. So, the volume of prayers increased and the intensity of commands multiplied. As I was watching this, I realized that he was trying to say something. It took a while to calm everyone a little and asked him what he wanted to say to us. And what he said sort of shocked all of us.

He said, “No, don’t pray that my sufferings end right now. Instead pray that I may be tried unto the end.” Realizing that he was quoting Job 34:36, I asked him the reason. And he told that the Lord has told him that He has chosen him for a specific purpose and that he needs to go through the furnace of affliction, so that after the testing, he can come out like gold. (Job23:10) He told that through all these sufferings, he has learned so much about the grace and love of God; that certain evil things were hidden deep inside his heart were flushed out; and, he wants to be tried unto the end so that the purpose of God be accomplished in his life. And he was saying all these with tears running down as the pain was quite intense.

But what surprise me the most was when we started to pray, those who were praying so intensely had trouble praying. They are so used to pray for instant deliverance, commanding the demons and other evil forces to go away, they actually had no idea how to pray for the will of God be done in someone’s life. For them, suffering and afflictions can never be the will of God. I mean, these are not believers who are prosperous and affluent. Yet, it is so deeply ingrained in their minds that it cannot be the will of God for Christians to endure sufferings. Looks like the cross has been eliminated from Christian living.

Anyway, if you are a Christian, please pray to our LORD, that His will be done in the life of this believer and may the grace of our LORD sustain him, so that he may be tried unto the end, and may the purpose of God be accomplished in his life. Amen.

Job 34_36


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