Lessons from ICU. 20. The Name.

Many years ago, my mother’s elder sister passed away and my mother was very much present when that sad incident occurred. Unfortunately I was out of state at the time, hence I could not attend the funeral as this was pre-cellular phone and pre-instant messaging period. By the time I got the message, the funeral was actually over.

When I met my mother the next time, I enquired about my aunt’s death as we were very close. While my mom was very saddened by her sister’s death, I also could see something of joy in her words. When I asked further, she said that when her sister died, her husband and her daughter were also present, but her sister kept repeating my mother’s name alone. I could not understand why that would cause such an elation in my mother’s heart. Then I was told that when in deathbed, or when people call on to someone in times of deep trouble, they call out to the ones who are very close to heart. I did not believe it then. But when I met my uncle and my cousin sister, I realized that they were sort of bitter that on her deathbed, my aunt did not say their names even once. So, after all these years, it is her sister who was close to her heart, isn’t it? This was the curt response I got when I went there.

Last year, on this very day, July 8th, when I was admitted to the emergency ward, I was in a very bad condition. I was told by some of the physicians and the nurses who work at the emergency ward, that they had never seen a patient in a worse condition than I was. For the first one hour, they were working on me, with the assumption that any moment, I might die. And my wife was told the same – three times. That at any minute my heart would collapse and she should not blame them later. She was told thrice, because the physician got confused by the composure my wife showed. He thought that she was in shock and hence was not responding to the severe prognosis.

But soon things turned normal as the Lord had promised me and all my vital signs had become normal. And everyone who was there had only one thing to point out – that through the entire ordeal, I and my wife were praying, without stopping for a second. Even when I was subjected to some intense physical pain due to various injections and all, my lips were constantly moving. Same with my wife. I can’t imagine what emotional upheaval she had to undergo emotionally at that time, seeing me in such a pathetic condition, yet apparently her lips were moving all the time.

Now, I really wish I can take credit that I kept praying that whole time. That would have been awesome. But the truth is I was in no condition to think coherently at all, to offer any kind of prayer. So, what I was mumbling all the time? All I could do at that moment, in that state of weakness was utter the One Name that mattered the most. I kept repeating the Name above all names. I kept telling “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”. There was nothing else I could utter, my mind was totally blanked out.

As we were talking about the events that happened last year on this day, I asked my wife what she was praying all that time. She looked confused and told me that her mind was blanked out and there was nothing in her mind to pray. Then what she was doing? And to my pleasant surprise, she said that she was saying the Name “Jesus” all that time.


When we are in total darkness, when we are not able to offer mighty prayers, the Lord our Father has given us a name, the Name of His only Son. Jesus. I am not advocating saying the Name of our Lord God in a meaningless manner, like a magic word that opens the doors to caves filled with treasures. No. Let your heart be inscribed by that divine Name. Let your breath be filled with the Name of Jesus. Let all your love start with the Name of our Friend; let the love overflow abundantly as we meditate on His wonderful Name. And when the clouds of darkness surrounds us, let His Name be the Light that guides us; when the waves of uncertainty rock our ship, the Name of Jesus be the Anchor on Whom we rest. For He has promised:

Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honour him. – Psalm 91:14-15 (NKJV)

Psalm 91_14-15


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