Salvation is not a blessing…

Whenever there is any mention about living a life of blessing, immediately the Pentecostal mind-set of some believers and preachers are so plain visible. What is a blessing, they ask. “Is owning two cars and two homes is what you consider a blessing? Those things do not matter at all. No, no, salvation is the greatest blessing that a Christian could receive. Since you have received it, you must be content with it”, is what they say.

Now, I am not saying that owning two cars and two homes is the sign of blessing. But, what if the Lord has blessed you and has given you two cars and two homes… since it does not matter to you, would you give one of your cars to me as a gift? Will you donate one of your homes to some needy Christian who has never owned a home? I am sure all those who say that these things do not matter all, will never give away anything so easily, for they know how difficult it is to obtain them in the first place.

Also, the next line of attack is salvation is the greatest blessing. In my humble opinion, no, it is not. Let me give an example. According to this world, if I win a million dollar, it would be a blessing. But can I survive without a million dollar balance in my bank account? Yes, I can. I know people who do not even have a bank account, but enjoying their life as far as they are considered. Can I live my life to the fullest I know without a million dollar in my hands? Yes, I can. So, something is a blessing; it makes life better, but I can still live without it.

But I can’t live without salvation. Salvation, for me, is not a blessing. It is the gift of God (Ephesians 2:8). It is life itself for me. I can live without ever being prosperous; I can survive without being successful in my life. Everything I touch may become a failed venture, and still I can lead a happy life. But without salvation, my life is not worth living. Without salvation, I am as dead as a mummy. Salvation is not a blessing, it is the life, very life itself.



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