This is also a sin!

As I wrote in my previous blog, the LORD Jesus Christ had covered all my sins in His blood. God our Father had thrown them into the depths of the ocean. As I was moved by the Spirit of God to write that blog, I just searched online about the same topic and came across a blog. I will not dignify the blog by giving the link, but it bothered me for so long.

According to the blog, our God “is a bit of tattletale”; that He “ratted” David out and in front of other people; that “Yahweh kept blabbing” to Elisha about the plans of king of Aram; that “Yahweh exposed” Sarah’s secret feelings to Abraham and any other servants who were in the vicinity. “How embarrassing.” Again Yahweh “ratted out” Achan to Joshua, and the Holy Spirit “ratted out” Ananias and Sapphira to Peter. Those words inside the quotation marks are the exact words used in the blog to describe what a bad secret keeper our Lord is.

For all these cases, we could explain theologically, and Scripturally, why our Lord did so; and surely not because He is a bit of tattletale.

It saddens me that today, some preachers are using human terms to explain the LORD. It is also a form of idolatry. We cannot explain the LORD Almighty, the One Who cannot be contained by the heavens, even the highest heaven, using human terms. That is arrogance, to think that we could explain a perfect God, by human nature which is imperfect and fallible to begin with.

And how many verses are there, that declare that being a talebearer is a sin; that not controlling your tongue is a sin. Are we filled with so much pride that we accuse God of the same things that He considers as sins?

It is sad, but the truth is many preachers should not be in the business of preaching. First of all, they are full of themselves. Second, their messages may sound Christian, but surely there is no Christ in them.

If deifying a human is a sin, then humanizing our God Almighty is also a sin. A deplorable one at that.

A sin


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