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The desires of your heart

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of  your heart.”
– Psalm 37:4.

Turn not disdainfully away from these words of God, as though they had no claim upon your attention. These words come to you, so to speak, upon your own invitation. For, what have you done all your life long, but rush hither and thither, into this path and into that, crying unceasingly, “How shall I obtain the desires of my heart?”

Behold here an answer to your life-long question. The explanation of all your disappointments, the remedy of all your sorrows, is here. Though there were on your table, waiting your perusal, numerous missives, some with the royal seal, others communicating news of enormous gains accruing to you, yet would it be wise in you to leave them all unnoticed rather than this text. If this be left to you, no matter though the wind carried them all away. Nay, if you should escape from a burning house with nothing but this word, you were richer than the richest of the sons of earth. For what all other things faintly and stammer in ugly promise to bestow, this positively promises.

What is anything good for, if it yield you not the desires of your heart? Do you take this to be one of those kind lies with which a mother lulls her child to rest? Or a flight of fancy with more strength of expression than depth of meaning? Is every foolish promise of the world to be believed before the deliberate promise of the most high God?

In order that the desires of a man’s heart should be gratified, it is needful that they should be rectified. He must let himself be led into the path that leads to felicity. He must delight himself in the Lord.

“But,” you reply, “this is mere mysticism, pietism. The world is full of beautiful and attractive objects, made so by God, and placed opposite to us, that we may look upon them and rejoice in them. Why should not a man rejoice in his own marvellous faculties, bestowed by his Creator? Why should he not rejoice in human society and in all the amenities that strew the path of life? Why should he not rejoice in art, in poetry, music, painting, in nature and in the representations of nature, in the characteristics of his time, the onward sweep of humanity, in the immense variety of literature, in the food  so abundantly provided him? “What can there be better than to delight in these?”

Is thy heart satisfied with them? Is discontent a stranger to thy heart, and do murmurs remain far from thy lips? Canst thou say, I want no more?

Couldest thou answer these questions in the affirmative, there would still remain a difficulty. Thy beautiful things fade; the objects of thy delight vanish away. The more attractive a thing is, the more fatal will it prove to thy happiness. For all that is in the world is merely here on exhibition. It appears, is admired, and is then withdrawn.

No, it is no mysticism, but the truest philosophy, the only wisdom, to delight thyself in the Lord. Do this, not by despising his works, but by discerning the connection between them and him, and hearkening to the tale which they tell of him. All beautiful and excellent things are sent to show you the perfections of your God and to whisper to you of his love. Delight yourself in him who gave his Son to die for you; in other words love the things that he loves, shun what he disapproves; and it becomes as certain that your desires will be gratified as that the desires of God will be fulfilled.  – From the “Daily Meditations” by George Bowen

Psalm 37_4


Rebuke the devil, but take responsibility

A believer recently came to our church and was complaining to the ministers of God, how the devil has been sabotaging his business; whatever he earns is lost because the devil is creating one loss after another. How his family members have become sick one after another and hence could not take care of the business and all these are because the devil is working against him. And the ministers of God also prayed, rebuking the devil in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, I have suffered enough due to many demonic attacks, and moreover, our ministry itself is deliverance ministries. So, I am not going to say that devil cannot do anything to saved Christian, who obeys the will of God. If Satan could hinder the plans of Apostle Paul (1 Thessalonians 2:18), then he could certainly hinder our plans. But there comes a point where we blame everything on the devil, instead of taking responsibility for our actions. There are times what we reap is what we sow. The same Apostle Paul tells in no uncertain terms in his Epistle to Galatians.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. – Galatians 6:7 (NKJV)

Now, this believer is known for his avarice. He already has few lands, but when he got a chance to buy one more land next to his home, he borrowed money from many and bought it. Some people may say that it is the right thing to do. But there are couple of problems.

Before this, he borrowed money from two women in our church. One is a widow and the other one suffers from marital problems because she has become a Christian. Both are tender hearted and when he asked them for money, they gave him happily; the second lady even lent him some of her jewels, with the assurance that he would return them within 6 months. Since her husband is against her going to church in the first place, if he comes to know that she has given her jewels to some believer as a loan, she would be in serious trouble. The widow is also in a poor situation as she has two daughters who are going to college now. She also gave the money, again hoping to get her money back within 6 months. Now, it has been 3 years since that, and he does not even talk about the money he owes to these poor women. Yet, he went ahead and borrowed more money from others to buy a land, and still had the temerity to stand in the church and witness that the Lord has blessed him with a land, while these two innocuous women watching him helplessly. The ministers of God have told him repeatedly to pay back those hapless women, but he does not care.

Then two years back, he bought a pickup truck for his business purpose – this time, he managed to get a loan from the bank and he needs to repay it in instalments; that debt will be cleared in another 2 years. Even then, some people pointed out that it was a costly venture and he would trouble making the payments; but he assured them that with his two sons and his wife working hard with him, he would be able to pay all those instalments easily.

But then last year, he went ahead and bought another pickup truck, again in a loan from another bank and again, it is going to take him 4 years to pay back that debt. His reasoning is if he has two trucks, he and his sons would be working around the clock and would be rich sooner and will be able to pay back all the debts within a year or two.

Then he became terribly sick and the doctors have advised him not to work hard. His wife became too weak from years of hard work and not eating properly. One of his sons met with an accident and is incapacitated for few weeks from driving a vehicle. The other son, who is a good student, got an apprentice from the Government of India and left.

Now he is having trouble to make the payments. Whatever they earn, they have to spend for the health of one or the other person in the family. Since he loves to take shortcuts to make a profit, he did not get the Fitness Certificate (FC) for his trucks; now a honest officer has been transferred to our area and is fining any vehicles which do not have a current FC. Since the FCs for this believer’s trucks have expired 5 months back, he has to pay a huge amount as fine now.

So, it is the devil that is making so many losses in his life. He wants to give to the ministries and support the church, but the devil is trying his best to stop this believer from doing that.

Yes, we can blame everything on the devil. But the LORD knows the truth. God cannot be mocked. We reap what we sow. It is time believers take responsibility for their actions. Our father Adam and mother Eve tried blaming others for their sins; but the Lord saw through their “blaming others” tactics. What makes us think we can fool the Omniscient God now?

Galatians 6_7