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Immutable Christ Jesus

Jesus Christ is the Same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8.

What a glorious and assuring thought as we begin this new year! I don’t know what is in store in this new year, for you or for me. Things are going to change around us; circumstances will be beyond our control. There will be fluctuations even in our character as the year proceeds. But through out the year, there will be one constant things to assure us: Jesus Christ our LORD is the Same.

HE is Jesus, my Jesus, our Jesus, your Jesus. For He will save us from sin. HE is the same Saviour in His great salvation and redemption.

HE is Christ, Christ of our Heavenly Father, and our Christ. HE is the Anointed of Jehovah, the Sent of Jehovah, the Sealed of Jehovah. HE remains the same in His great majesty, in His great anointing.

And He is the Same yesterday… from the beginning, to the beginning… before everything began. And He is the Same today… nothing today can take His great power of salvation or redemption away from Him. His anointing does not diminish with time. And He shall be the Same forever, for eternity.

Jesus Christ is the Same in His love for us; in the efficacy of His redemption. HE is the Same in the power of His blood to cleanse us; in His power to defeat the evil forces up and below. His righteousness to  justify us remains the same; the power of the Holy Spirit that He sends us remains the same as it has been on the day of Pentecost.

Yes, dear friend, let us take the step forward in faith knowing our Jesus Christ is the Same yesterday, today and forever. Amen. Welcome 2018.



Wish you a very Happy New Year!

Now may our joyful tongues,
Our Maker’s honour sing:
Jesus the Priest receives our songs,
And bears them to the King.

Before His Father’s eye,
Our humble suit He moves:
The Father lays His thunder by.
And looks, and smiles, and loves.

No fiery vengeance now,
No burning wrath comes down.
If justice calls for sinner’s blood,
The Saviour shows His own.