Wish you a very Happy New Year!

Now may our joyful tongues,
Our Maker’s honour sing:
Jesus the Priest receives our songs,
And bears them to the King.

Before His Father’s eye,
Our humble suit He moves:
The Father lays His thunder by.
And looks, and smiles, and loves.

No fiery vengeance now,
No burning wrath comes down.
If justice calls for sinner’s blood,
The Saviour shows His own.



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  1. I give my Indian brothers an A+ for spiritual

    Kindly add my name to your mailing list for your prayer letters etc.

    I am part of Lake Howell Bible Chapel and Asamblea Biblica Cristiana Spanish meeting at Lake Howell Bible Chapel, Maitland, Florida USA.

    We are a small Christian brethren assembly
    with three or four Indian brethren families.

    Gerald Landis
    3515 Craig Drive
    Forest City, Florida 32703

    Usually in July the Indian brethren conference is held for USA and

    I am praying for a Spanish brother
    from the Rio Grande Bible Institute of
    Texas who desires to come to India.

    The chapel helps several missionaries in India from Ethos 360 and CMML. One brother
    From Ethos 360 and the chapel makes visits
    to N. India to encourage church planters and evangelists.

    DIOS Bendiga God bless you DIOS Bendiga your ministries..

    I also pray for a Spanish brother from
    The NY state Word of Life fellowship who
    is praying about going to India and Asia.
    He is in the process of leaving Argentia,and moving to Asia.

    If you have a stamp kindly send me your

    I really just am a poor old man who loves the Lord Jesus Christ.. I am medically retired..

    Years ago my parents who are with the
    Lord sent out prayer letters for Ray Richer
    Of Operation Mobilsation India. His widow
    Is still in India and has a guest house
    For Indian brothers maybe in N
    India. One of their sons is still in India,
    Married to an Indian medical doctor and Missionary both serve the Lord.

    Charles George from Lake Howell Bible Chapel just came back from visiting his father in
    India. Both his father and his wife’s
    Father live alone in their senior years in
    India. They have no desire to live in
    Florida USA… Charles loves the Lord Jesus Christ and loves to preach.. I am not sure how,he makes his living..his wife is in the
    Medical field.

    Gerald Landis
    Sometimes I use the name Uncle Jerry o Tio Jerry..

    I found you on a search for Jean Kochlein.

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