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The Divine Exchange

The wicked become a ransom for the righteous, and the unfaithful for the upright.  – Proverbs 21:18

That is the decree of the Lord. Instead of the righteous people, wicked are given as ransom; for saving the upright, the unfaithful become the ransom. Knowing this divine decree, I look at the cross and the Saviour Who was crucified for my sake and I have no words to explain my amazement.

By no human standards, I am righteous; upright, no way. Wicked? Sure, the probability is pretty high. Unfaithful, now you are talking about me. Yet, when I look towards Calvary, I don’t see myself being given as ransom. Instead, I see something totally wrong… something very, very wrong.

There in the cross, was crucified my Lord, YHWH Tsidkenu, the LORD my Righteous, instead of me, the base sinner I am. I see the most upright Man ever lived on the cross, for this unfaithful creature I am. And, it all sounds so wrong. It is not justice. It is not the law that the Lord gave. How can this injustice be satisfactory to God our Father? How can I be called His son based on this injustice caused on the Most Holy One of Israel, the Son of God?

Oh… Jesus did not die for me; He died INSTEAD of me. The Most Holy God became sin and bore all my sins, as if He had committed them. And in that divine exchange, which I am still struggling to understand, He became everything that I am – wicked and unfaithful. And He gave His life as a Ransom for me, so I can become righteous and upright. How can I ever express my gratitude, other than living the life for which Jesus gave His life for me! Lord Jesus Christ, I love You.

Divine Exchange


A Christian’s Duty

true vineThis particular passage from “True Vine – Meditations on John 15” by Andrew Murray hit me hard.

Let us specially beware of one great mistake. Many Christians think their own salvation is the first thing; their temporal life and prosperity, with the care of their family, the second; and what of time and interest is left may be devoted to fruit-bearing, to the saving of men. No wonder that in most cases very little time or interest can be found. No, Christian, the one object with which you have been made a member of Christ’s Body is that the Head may have you to carry out His saving work. The one object God had in making you a branch is that Christ may through you bring life to men. Your personal salvation, your business and care for your family, are entirely subordinate to this. Your first aim in life, your first aim every day, should be to know how Christ desires to carry out His purpose in you.


Ahab and Ben-Hadad – 1

Now the men were watching closely to see whether any sign of mercy would come from him; and they quickly grasped at this word and said, “Your brother Ben-Hadad.” So he said, “Go, bring him.” Then Ben-Hadad came out to him; and he had him come up into the chariot. – 1 Kings 20:33 (NKJV)

Ahab was one of the most evil persons mentioned in the Bible. IMHO, only his wife Jezebel was worse than him. Yet, here Ahab did something out of character, it is astonishing.

Ben-Hadad, the king of Syria, had been a sworn enemy of Israel for generations. Ben-Hadad being the title of the king of Syria, there were many kings who were fighting constantly with Israel. To avoid their constant invasion, Ahab’s father, Omri, even shifted the capital to Samaria. And when such an enemy was defeated, Ahab showed kindness to him. Called Ben-Hadad as his brother and had him come up into the chariot, a honour indeed.

And we are worshipping the Holy One of Israel. Our Lord Jesus Christ has no traces of evil in Him. HE is all compassionate, merciful and gracious. Then imagine how He would treat those who run to Him for surrender.

Dear friend, the world you believed in may have betrayed you. You may feel defeated and on this day, wondering what you could do. Then, run to Jesus. The King of kings. HE will call you as His brother, His sister. And He will proclaim your name before our Father and His Father. And He will restore your soul. Come to Him. To the true King of Israel.

Our God

1 John 2:21

No lie is of Truth.

Reading the First Epistle by the beloved Apostle John always is a good idea for a Christian, whatever stage of growth I am in. It is like a checkpoint, that prompts myself to see if the claims I make about my growth in Christ actually is a fact or just a dream I am living in.

Today it is common to see Christians telling lies, “White Lies” is the term used to justify those lies. These are lies that harm no one, and probably makes the other person feel better. What is the harm in telling them?

1 John 2_21

No lie is of Truth, says the beloved Apostle. No lie. Absolutely no lie.

Of course, we live in a world filled with lies. How can I survive this world? Telling lies has become a way of life. You know, the survival of the fittest. But, wait, I am righteous because of Jesus Christ. You, as a Christian, have imputed righteousness because of our Lord and Teacher. And if you are righteous, then you have only one way of living. The righteous shall live by faith, not by lies. 

Romans 1_17

Jude 24-25

Now to Him being able to keep you without stumbling, and to set you before His glory without blemish, with unspeakable joy; to the only wise God, our Saviour, be glory and majesty and might and authority, even now and forever. Amen.

I have tried my best not to stumble, to live a life without blemish, but never with unspeakable joy. It always makes me nervous and scared that I may fail again and again; and, I do fail again and again. To live a life without blemish, without stumbling, we need to have the life of Christ, the only one Man Who lived so, the Son of Man and also the Son of God. And to Him belongs the glory, majesty, might and authority, and He will keep me from stumbling; He will set me before His glory without blemish. And when I surrender myself absolutely to Him, I will be able to achieve all these with unspeakable joy. Amen.

Jude 24_25

My Lent Resolution


The Lent season is upon us. People make so many resolutions. For me, I have decided to do something that is in my heart for so long. Psalm 148 talks about how everything that is created praises the Lord and hence, I have always wanted to know more about nature, various creatures and how amazing they have been created. While I dilly dally on these things, this Lent, I am going to spend sometime in just knowing about various amazing things that the LORD has created. Things that I never knew existed or did not know well. Both living and non-living. May His Name alone be glorified. Amen. 

Psalm 148.1-5

The Nehemiah Plan

Nehemiah. One of the most underrated Biblical hero, IMHO. I always love Nehemiah for he deals with situations in a very different manner than the other Biblical heroes. Okay, actually what I like most about Nehemiah is… no one else in the Bible threw things out, cursed, smote some of the Israelites and plucked their hair from their beards… no wonder I love Nehemiah.

However, building a wall in 52 days is his standout achievement. For few years now, the Spirit of God is moving to go on a 52-day confession of faith plan to rebuild the walls around my life, to safeguard my mind and my heart from the burning arrows of the enemy. Obedient as I am, I have been finding reasons why I am not able to do as the Lord has moved me. But one thing I have learned the hard way is no matter how easily I give up on myself and how often I give up on myself, the Lord does not give up on me that easily.

So, starting tomorrow, I am going on a 52-day confession of faith Nehemiah plan. May the LORD help me in rebuilding the walls of my life.


Learning from George Muller

Recently I was reading the biography of George Muller of Bristol and many things hit me with force. But there was one incident in his life that affected me in ways I could never explain. When this happened, he was already a missionary in England, and a pastor of the church.

In his own words:

About the beginning of April I went to preach at Sidmouth [a small town near Teignmouth]. While I was staying there, three sisters in the Lord had, in my presence, a conversation about baptism, one of whom had been baptized after she had believed. When they had conversed a little on the subject, I was asked to give my opinion concerning it. My reply was, ‘I do not think that I need to be baptized again.” I was then asked by the sister who had been baptized, “But have you been baptized?” I answered, “Yes, when I was a child.” She then replied, “Have you ever read the Scriptures, and prayed with reference to this subject?” I answered, “No.” “Then,” she said, “I entreat you, never to speak any more about it till you have done so.” It pleased the Lord to show me the importance of this remark; for whilst at that very time I was exhorting every one to receive nothing which could not be proved by the Word of God, I had repeatedly spoken against believers’ baptism, without having ever earnestly examined the Scriptures, or prayed concerning it; and now I determined, if God would help me, to examine that subject also, and if infant baptism were found to be scriptural, I would earnestly defend it; and if believers’ baptism were right, I would as strenuously defend that, and be baptized.

I saw from the Scriptures that believers ONLY are the proper subjects for baptism, and that immersion is the only true Scriptural mode, in which it ought to be attended to. The passage which particularly convinced me of the former, is Acts 8:36-38, and of the latter, Rom. 6:3-5. Sometime after, I was baptized.

Isn’t this amazing? George MuellerA pastor and preacher is first of all confronted by a lady and he takes it with all the humility. I wonder what would happen if that lady in the Lord tries the same thing with today’s preachers. I am sure the next Sunday, the sermon would be about the judgment that is waiting for those who question their pastors.

And when she gives him a suggestion, the pastor takes it up without any question. I mean, I have been bombarded with so many doctrines by so many people. Every time, I asked them for a Biblical verse to support what they have told me, they recoiled so severely and I was called, wait, I am still being called so many names… all because I asked them for a Bible verse. However, I have also learned over the last few years, that if I say something about God, it must have a Biblical support behind it.

Most importantly, it stunned me that George Muller obeyed the revelation given to him by being baptized again. How humble he was and how much courage he must have had to get baptized again, especially when you are already a preacher. I pray that the Lord gives me such humility to accept His Word when He reveals it to me, obedience so that I do not oppose His revealed Word and above all, I have the courage to oppose the prevalent view if it is against the Word of God. Amen.

Abracadabra… or Confession?

For she said, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.” – Mark 5:28

After hearing about Jesus and making up her mind, the woman with 12 years of issue of blood, confessed her faith.

Confession of faith. One of the most maligned Christian tenets. Both by its practitioners and those who don’t.

Romans 10.10

Confession of faith is not a ‘abracadabra’, where you keep saying what you want and you get it. It comes from a deeper understanding of Christ. This woman heard about Jesus and made up her mind and then confessed. And it would not be easy for her.

  • She was an unclean woman.

She had an issue of blood and in Jewish culture, she was an unclean woman. It would not be easy for someone who was unclean to make up their mind to approach Jesus. Even for us, when we know that we had sinned, or made a mistake, it is difficult for us to approach the Throne of Grace. Guess the spirit of Adam and Evil is still present in us, that we hide from the presence of the Lord. She knew her problem. Yet, what she heard about Jesus convinced her to go up to Him and touch His garment. So, when I confess my faith, do I know my shortcomings? And am I convinced that I can go up to my Lord and touch His garment?

  • She never forgot that she was an unclean woman.

She never forgot her status that she was an unclean woman. That was why she was behind the LORD and just touched the hem of His garment. She knew, being an unclean woman, she could not face our Saviour. Though she confessed her faith, she always remembered her humble status before the Lord. But what about me? As soon as I start confessing the faith, do I start to believe that I am the holiest of holy? Do I assume that because I confess my mouth, I can reach unto Jesus with arrogance, that He has to do this? Or, do I remember where I was taken from? Do I remember that even for this revelation, I am not worthy and it is His grace and His grace alone that has revealed this to me?

  • She had lost all her savings during this time

Many times, when people who have been suffering because of certain ailments or bondages are asked to pray for deliverance, their response: “For what? I have nothing left.” This woman was wealthy to begin with and now she had lost everything. Yet, hearing about Jesus made her overcome her abject circumstance and made her believe that the slightest touch of His garment would be enough. But if in that situation, I would have probably asked like Ruth: Lord, please cover me with Your garment. Because for me, it looks like I have lost so much and only the covering with His garment would give me whatever I have lost. But she did not care about her wealth. She knew what she wanted more than anything else. When I confess my faith, do I know what is the one thing I want?

Actually I have wanted to write few more points. But the more I am writing, the more I am convicted. Smile Not something I was planning when I started to write this blog. The Spirit of God moves in mysterious ways.

If I may but touch only His clothes

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I have been talking about how power had gone out of Jesus and that faith stemmed from the first point that the woman with an issue of blood for twelve years had heard about Jesus. May the Lord guide us further here.

After hearing about Jesus, she comes to a decision. Mark 5:28 says it succinctly: If I may but touch only His clothes.

Mark 5.28

What is amazing here is that only after this incident is recorded, the Evangelists record that “and begged Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched it were made perfectly well.” (Matthew 14:36 and Mark 6:56) Which means she had no reason to believe that touching only His clothes would heal her. Yet, she believed that. Why? Because of what she had heard about Jesus.

Under Jewish laws, she was unclean. Whatever she touches becomes unclean. (Lev. 15:25-27) Many called Jesus as a Preacher and the preachers of those times were notorious for following the Law. Okay, that is not completely true, because even today, the preachers are notorious for following a set of rules. Apparently nothing much has changed.

But Jesus was also called many other things. Jesus was known to be from Nazareth and we know that nothing good comes from Nazareth. That He breaks the Sabbath by healing. That Jesus casts out devils through Beelzebub, the chief of the devils. Now, what would have happened if she had heard all these things? I don’t think she would have thought of reaching for His garment to be healed.

Yes, hearing about Jesus Christ is very important. But what we hear about Him also matters. Today, we don’t hear about Jesus Christ much in “Christian” churches. We hear about us and our sinful ways.  We hear about the judgment that is awaiting for us. We hear about how God is going to punish us in His wrath. We hear about how it is impossible for God to bless us in our current situation. We hear about certain rules and regulations. We hear about tithing and offerings. We hear about giving proper reverence for the pastors and the servants of God. We hear everything except Jesus Christ.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a good God. Whoever comes to Him, He will in no wise cast them out. HE came for the broken hearted, for the sick, for the sinners. Jesus carried our sorrows. HE is not only the Son of God and Son of Man, but He is also a Man of sorrow. HE understands our weaknesses. HE has compassion for us. HE loves us. Just come to Him, as you are. Jesus gave His life knowing who we are and HE accepts us as we are. Come with faith and let His power transform your life.