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El Roi – The LORD Who hears your affliction

El Roi. God Who sees me. And our LORD is not only sees us in the times of our troubles, but He is also the LORD Who hears your afflictions.

Gen 16:11 And the Angel of the LORD said to her: “Behold, you are with child, And you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, Because the LORD has heard your affliction.”

Yes, dear friend, He hears our afflictions. It is surprising to note that in all her troubles, Hagar did not raise her voice and cried out to God. I don’t know the reason why. Was she forbidden from praying to our LORD because she was an Egyptian main? Or because she despised Sarah, she was afraid that God would not listen to her prayers? No idea. But how sweet of our LORD to hear her afflictions.

  • You may not be able to pray right now as you are undergoing severe trial. Probably the trial is so severe and intense, you are not able to find even a second to raise your voice to the LORD.
  • Or, probably the devil is accusing of some sin or trespass that you have committed; he keeps telling you that the LORD would not hear your prayers anyway, so why bother.
  • Or, there is a low self-esteem that tells you, “But you are not worthy at all.”

But the LORD hears your afflictions.

  • The LORD knows the trials you are undergoing. HE is El Roi – God Who sees you. HE knows.
  • The LORD forgives faster than you can imagine. The moment your heart was broken because of conviction of sin, our Father in Heaven is waiting to embrace you and celebrate your return to His presence.
  • Unworthy we may be in the eyes of the world, even in our estimates; but we are precious in the eyes of the LORD. So precious that He gave His only Son to die a brutal death on the Cross for you and for me.

The LORD hears your heart breaking under the trials; He hears the sighs that escape without your knowing. The LORD hears the weeping of your heart in silence in the maddening din of this world.

HE is El Roi – God Who sees you and the LORD Who hears your affliction. In the middle of all your trials, take heart, dear friend, for the LORD is closer to you than you can imagine.

Psalm 34_18