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We trusted.

“We trusted” (Luke 24:21).

I have always felt so sorry that in that walk to Emmaus the disciples had not said to Jesus, “We still trust”; instead of “We trusted.” That is so sad– something that is all over.

If they had only said, “Everything is against our hope; it looks as if our trust was vain, but we do not give up; we believe we shall see Him again.” But no, they walked by His side declaring their lost faith, and He had to say to them “O fools, and slow of heart to believe!”

Are we not in the same danger of having these words said to us? We can afford to lose anything and everything if we do not lose our faith in the God of truth and love.

Let us never put our faith, as these disciples did, in a past tense—“We trusted.” But let us ever say, “I am trusting.” — Crumbs


To the other side

“Let us go to the other side.” – Mark 4:35

Even when we go forth at Christ’s command, we need not expect to escape storms; for these disciples were going forth at Christ’s command, yet they encountered the fiercest storm and were in great danger of being overwhelmed, so that they cried out in their distress for Christ’s assistance.

Though Christ may delay His coming in our time of distress, it is only that our faith may be tried and strengthened, and that our prayers may be more intense, and that our desires for deliverance may be increased, so that when the deliverance does come we will appreciate it more fully.

Christ gave them a gentle rebuke, saying, “Where is your faith?” Why did you not shout victory in the very face of the storm, and say to the raging winds and rolling waves, “You can do no harm, for Christ, the mighty Savior is on board”?

It is much easier to trust when the sun is shining than when the storm is raging.

We never know how much real faith we have until it is put to the test in some fierce storm; and that is the reason why the Savior is on board.

If you are ever to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might, your strength will be born in some storm. Selected

“With Christ in the vessel,
I smile at the storm.”

Christ said, “Let us go to the other side”– not to the middle of the lake to be drowned. — Dan Crawford

Mark 4_35

Ashes – Repentance

In Biblical times, when someone had realized that they had committed a sin, they would show their repentance by sitting on a heap of ashes. Yes, ashes represent repentance for sin.

Dear friend, are these your ashes today? Are you repenting for certain sins that you have committed and not sure whether our Lord Jesus Christ will accept you again?

Peter. One of the closest disciples of our LORD. Followed our Lord readily. Even walked on water based on the little faith he had. Partaker in every single miracle that Jesus did. One of the witnesses to our LORD’s glorious transfiguration.

Yet, Jesus told him, “Before the cock crows twice, you shall deny Me three times.” – Mark 14:30. Though Peter vehemently opposed any such denial would happen, we see that by the early morning next day, not only Peter denied our LORD, Mark says that Peter swore and cursed our LORD. (Mark 14:71) And that too because he was afraid of a maid servant.


There are so many sins that we can commit today. The modern world has opened us many new ways in which we can commit a sin. But of all the sins that we can commit, the one that hurts our LORD the most is when we deny that we don’t know Him.

Probably we may say that we would never ever deny knowing our LORD. But, let us not haste in declaring that. Am I sure I am not denying our LORD by my inactions? I may not expressly say that I do not know Him… but whenever I remain silent when I have to declare my Savior, I am actually denying Him in my life.

When it is Christmas season, it is okay to talk about Santa, but I don’t want to offend others, so let us not talk about Christ – I am denying Him. When I cut out references to Jesus Christ on a song, Silent Night, that talks beautifully about His birth, I am denying Him. When people are ready to cut out Christian references from everything a CHRISTIAN says so that it does not offend others, and I remain a silent spectator, I deny Him. Now, how many of us can tell that we have not denied Him at all?

But, it does not matter… dear friend, come to Jesus. Come to Jesus with your ashes. When we have committed a sin, when we realize what we have done, our nature is to run away from the LORD. But the Bible says something about Peter. When he denied our LORD, it says,

“The LORD turned and looked on Peter… and Peter went out and wept bitterly.” – Luke 22:61-62.

Peter wept bitterly, realizing what he had done. First and foremost, true repentance should bring bitter tears from within us. But after all that, Peter went and stayed with other disciples. I don’t know if he had told others what he had done, probably he did not say a word… but he stayed with the disciples.

Dear friend, when you realize that you had committed a sin, the devil will ask you to stay away from the LORD and His disciples. Satan will ask you to stay away from the church, from other believers… The devil will say, “But they won’t understand you, they will judge you, they will condemn you. Jesus will not accept you again. Run away. No one will have to know this.” Don’t listen to the devil’s words, dear friend. Come to Jesus, with your ashes, with the tears of your repentance. Jesus will never cast out anyone who comes to Him.

And when you come to Him, with your sins, your tears and your ashes, the LORD is willing to change those ashes into a crown of beauty for you. The LORD will make a point so that you know you are forgiven, that you are loved and that His plans for you have not been forsaken. Yes, dear friend, that is why when the angel commanded Mary Magdalene and Mary, mother of James and Salome, to tell the disciples about the resurrection of our LORD, two words were added additionally:

“Go tell His disciples and Peter…” – Mark 16:7

Come to Jesus today. Your ashes will become crown of beauty. Your repentance and mourning shall become dances of joy. For the LORD has a special message just for you, my dear friend. Let us come to Jesus with our ashes, let us receive beauty instead. Amen.


Luke 2:6-7“While they were there, the time came for the Baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a Son. She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.”

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Voice of strangers – present day

We all want to understand what is happening in our life right NOW. We live in “live feed” times, where everything has to be updated instantly.

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, telephone service was something only the rich would have. So, if we were planning to go to our relative’s home during the month of May, we would write them a letter in April, saying that we would be visiting them on, say the 2nd of May. We would get a reply from them saying that they were looking forward for meeting us on the 2nd of May. That’s all. We would surely be there on May 2nd, and they would have a feast prepared for us and waiting for us. Life was simpler and apparently we had more faith on the written word (pun intended Smile).

Now, till the day arrives, there will be a phone call everyday to make sure there is no change in the plan. Only when we get into our bus, they will be convinced that we really are coming. Even then, they will call us every few hours to make sure everything is fine. When we call them and let them know that we are close by, they will start cooking, but not before that. Life has become a series of “instant updates”.

And, there comes the problem of a stranger’s voice – today, the present day, the NOW. We need to understand everything NOW, right NOW. If the LORD says He has a plan for us, we need to know that plan right NOW. If the LORD says He is giving us a blessing, we need to receive that blessing NOW. Everything is instant, immediate. But, then, the way of the LORD is not the instant-Ramen-noodles type. We see this in the Gospel according to Apostle John.

John 12_16

The disciples knew the prophecies. They saw those prophecies coming true before them. But they did not understand all those fulfillments at that time.

Yes, my dear friend, right now, the LORD is working in our life. The LORD is fulfilling every single promise that He has made us. We are actually looking at the very manifestations of those many blessings that the LORD has promised us. Yet, we are not able to understand it at this time.

So, slowly we are losing our heart. Our faith starts to wane. We are wondering that probably we have made a wrong choice. No, dear friend, if you have believed in the Word of the LORD, then He will never let you be ashamed. But you may not be able to understand it right now.

Are you waiting for a promise that the LORD said He would fulfill? Are you not able to understand why all these things are happening in your life? Don’t fret. Don’t fear. The LORD is at work.

The disciples knew everything and saw everything. Still they could not understand the fulfillment of the prophecies till Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior, was glorified. Then they understood.

Dear friend, don’t worry if you can not understand. Don’t panic if things are a bit confusing right now. Just keep everything in your mind. Meditate on them just like Mary pondered about everything. Soon, the LORD will be glorified in your life. The LORD’s glory will be manifested through you. Many people will magnify our LORD because of the great things He is doing in your life. And, then, only then, you will be able to understand everything. So hold on to your faith. And keep glorifying our God.


Psalm 119:93“I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have preserved my life.”

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