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6. Voice of Triumph

So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!”

It is finished

The sixth utterance of the our Saviour Jesus Christ on the Cross is the voice of triumph – It is finished.

The Word of God always makes me tremble in fear. How much hidden treasures lay beneath them! And, these words, “It is finished!” have so much hidden beneath them, it is tough to know where to begin and when to end.

1. The demands of the Law are finished, for Jesus paid it in full. We are not under the Mosaic covenant anymore, as Jesus fulfilled the Law completely, as He bore the punishment and the curse of the Law on the Cross, for us.

2. The command of sin over us is finished. Since we are not under the Law anymore, but under the reign of grace, sin does not have any authority over us anymore.

3. The authority of devil over us is finished. The devil does not have any authority over a believer anymore, unless we give into his evil and cunning schemes. His head was crushed on the Cross.

4. Reconciliation of mankind with God our Father is finished. The veil that covered the Holiest of Holies is torn apart, allowing us to enter the throne of grace with confidence.

5. The Will of God, regarding the ministry of Jesus is finished. Our Father in Heaven sent Jesus for a particular ministry. To show how much He loves us and those of us who believe in Jesus Christ be saved (John 3:16). And that ministry is finished. Now, we know the love of God through Calvary and when we believe in the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are saved.

There are many more hidden truths behind this proclamation. It is the voice of triumph from the Cross. When was the last time, you said words of triumph, while carrying your cross?



5. Voice of Expectation

After this, Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, said, “I thirst!” – John 19:28

i thirst

There are many explanations why Jesus said, “I thirst!” and some of them involve His unquenchable thirst for souls to be saved and deeper spiritual meanings. I am not qualified to go so deep into the words of the Saviour, so I will talk about one of the simplest things that Jesus wants from us, something that will quench His thirst.

In John 4:7-32, we see our Blessed Saviour talking to the Samaritan woman. The icebreaker that the LORD used to start the conversation is, “Give Me a drink.” The Gospel clearly says that Jesus was exhausted and all His disciples had gone into the city to get some food. And, when the Samaritan woman came to fetch water from the well, the LORD asks her for some water to quench His thirst. And when the disciples come back, they ask Him to eat, but His response implies that He has eaten already.

Except that the Gospel does not record that the Samaritan woman gave Him water as He had asked. She talked with Him and asked Him lots of questions. And, personally, for me, it is something that the LORD wants from us.

Jesus saved us so that we can be His brothers and sisters, to be the children of God. Jesus wants us to be His disciples, His followers. But, He also wants us to be His friends; a chosen people, who are ready to converse with Him.

We pray, but most of the time, what we call “prayers” are not prayers in the true sense; they are more like supplications. We ask for this  favour and that mercy. We cry, we give all our burdens to Him. We do all these things, because He is God and He is a Good God. But have you ever been to His presence as His friend? Or as Jesus as your Friend? Jesus longs to talk to us. HE loves when we ask questions. When we do not understand things, He is ready to explain the Scriptures, like He explained it to the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Yes, dear friend, He thirsts for our friendship. Are we willing to quench His thirst today?

John 4.9-10