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Lessons from ICU. 26. Treating the symptoms

They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious.
– Jeremiah 6:14 (NIV)

As part of my treatment in the ICU, I was asked to undergo an eye test to see if my vision is okay. After doing the routine tests, I was asked to wait for one of the “specialists” to be available. So I sat near one of the specialists as she was prescribing medications for a teenage student.

The student had eye trouble from an young age, and she was already wearing thick glasses. Her complaint was that she has severe headache whenever she is trying to concentrate on her studies. So, they took few tests and now the “specialist” was telling her what to do.

The “specialist” looked at the test results and prescribed that teenage girl 5 different eye drops daily, 15 tablets to be taken and one injection per week. That was a total of 21 medications, 20 of them are to be taken daily. Especially 5 different eye drops!!!

I was sitting there bewildered. Yes, I am not an “eye specialist”, but I knew  that was wrong. It was then I realized that she was an intern, still studying and she is giving each medication based on the various test results, ending in such a massive list. She was treating the symptoms, but not the underlying cause.

Jeremiah 6_14

There are times when we are allowed to suffer in this world. We look at the symptoms and search for a cure. “Oh, there is this secret sin in your life and hence you are suffering. Oh, you have a family curse and that is why this is happening. So and so has done witchcraft against you…” The endless list goes on and on.

But when our LORD takes over, the Great Physician does not treat symptoms, He treats the underlying cause. During that treatment period, there will be a question of why is He treating you so hard. During that time, you may become isolated from others. Sometimes the suffering may look like for eternity.

In all that, dear friend, remember that it is coming from your loving Father in heaven, Who gave His only Son Jesus Christ to be crucified just for you. So, if the loving Father has decided to treat you, remember that He will make sure to remove every dross from us and make us into fine gold.

Sometimes the LORD may have a greater purpose for you, greater than you can imagine and is getting you ready for that purpose. And you need to pass through the furnace. But the loving Father is still in control.

Probably you know all these, but in your weakness, you want to quit. You have no one to understand your pain, your suffering. No, dear friend, you have Jesus. The Son of God Who became the Man of Sorrows, and suffered a cruel death. The Redeemer Who came to give His life for you, yet at the moment of weakness, “Father, if possible, let this cup pass from Me.” Jesus understands your pain, your weaknesses and how you are seeking the end to all these suffering. At this moment, He is offering up prayers for your sake.

The Spirit of God is praying for with groans that cannot be explained in human terms. So, don’t lose heart. Soon you will be healed and take hold of your promises. God bless you.

Isaiah 1_25


Word, Faith, Healing… but

DISCLAIMER: I believe in every word of the Bible as the Word of God, I believe in the confession of our faith, I believe that our faith grows with our confession of the Word of God and I also believe in divine healing. But then….

On 5th October 2017, I had a sharp pain on left knee, but I ignored it as it had happened twice before, and after a day or two, the pain would be gone and I would be okay. But this time, the pain became so intensive, I was unable to walk. Till today, I am not walking. But the Lord did promise me that this is my time to take refuge under His wings, to unlearn few things and to learn few things, and that He will deliver me in His time. HE also said even if I seek medical help, it won’t help; that I have to drink from this bitter cup.

But, NO, I would not listen to the Lord as it became more painful, and I got admitted again in the same hospital that treated me before. The physicians were kind to my plight and were very nice to me. For 3 weeks, they did all possible tests, but they could not find anything wrong with my left knee. Everything was perfectly okay. And they could not even lessen the pain without giving me some serious pain killers, which they did not want to.

But God in His mercies, renewed His promise to me that if I yield to His purpose for me, slowly the pain would go away and one day I will walk again. Finally one day, after being admonished by my wife for the lack of faith in our God, I surrendered myself to the will of God. It was then a brother in Christ visited me at the hospital.

He was a believer in our church and now is pastoring a church in a rural area. Recently he joined a weekly Bible college that is based on Word of Faith movement. The founder of the Bible college is a big name in USA, and I have read about him when I was there. When this brother came to meet me, he was surprised to see that I was well overall and the only problem was my knee. He told me that to the pastor who is in charge of the Bible college here, this would be nothing. He would cure it in seconds, he declared. Then the brother called that pastor on the phone and asked to pray for me. That Word-of-Faith pastor said a small prayer and asked me to start walking. I really tried to move, but the pain was so severe, I could not move my leg. So, he prayed one more time, with more intensity and then asked me to just jump out of the bed and start to walk. But I could not even move my left leg. So, he prayed a third time, rebuking my “unbelieving” heart that is not willing to listen to God’s command.

I did not know how to respond. God knows I wanted deliverance at that moment. And I know that if it is God’s will, it will take only a second for me to be healed. But when the Lord has told me that I have to be in the furnace for an appointed time, there is nothing any miracle worker can do about that.

Then I got discharged and on December 25th, 2017, the brother called and said he is bringing that pastor along with me, and that he wanted to pray directly for me. The pastor came to my room, and talked about how many people were healed on that trip by him and all that. Then he looked at the swelling on my left knee and rebuked the “evil spirit” in the name of Jesus Christ and commanded me to walk in the Lord’s name. But nothing had changed. So, he prayed more vehemently this time and commanded with authority to walk. Again nothing but pain. Then he help my knee where it was paining severely and gave a mighty punch and ordered the demon to leave my body and commanded me to walk again. If I was in pain before, after that mighty punch, the pain was unbearable. After sometime, he left, wondering what is causing my “unbelief” in God.

I am still unable to walk, but when slowly God taught me few things about myself, I started to surrender and accept my faults. The Lord has been teaching me long-suffering and patience over the time, and my pain has subsided so much. And whatever He has promised would happen during that phase has been happening, just in His time, as perfectly as He has said. Glory to His mighty Name alone. Amen.

Isaiah 60:22

Immanuel – Nature Breacher

Immanuel – God with us. Jesus Christ is Immanuel, Jesus Christ is God with us. But how did He become our Immanuel? There was a sign given for that. “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.” – Isaiah 7:14 (NKJV)

The sign was that a virgin shall conceive and the Son she bears would be the Immanuel. Now, we know that a virgin conceiving is against the laws of nature, the same nature that the Lord created. By breaching it, to be with us, the Lord God points out few things.

  • The LORD God reigns supreme. Everything in this universe is under His sovereign control and nothing is impossible for Him. We may not be able to break the laws of nature, but for the LORD Almighty, the laws of nature are nothing.
  • By breaching one of the inviolable laws of nature, the Lord is pointing out how irrational that some people believe in nature to be god, and how some people try to explain miracles and wonders that God does for His children by twisting and turning the nature. Nature cannot explain God; it can only be a witness bearer to the Almighty God and His awesome power.
  • By breaching the laws of nature to be with us, Jesus Christ is assuring us that being with us is very important for Him. If needed, He will breach the laws of nature again and again, to be with us, to keep us and to save us. If need arises, He will go against the laws of nature to perform miracles and wonders in your life. For He is Immanuel.


A horror of great darkness

As I was reading my morning devotional after a very long time, I was sort of disheartened by the opening verse.

Lo, a horror of great darkness fell upon him. – Genesis 15:12

But the devotion written by F. B. Myer strengthened me spiritually and made me steadfast in my wavering faith, and here I am, sharing… hoping at least one more Christian will be strengthened by our Lord this morning. All praise, honour and glory to our Lord God and to His Son and our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.


The sun at last went down, and the swift, eastern night cast its heavy veil over the scene. Worn out with the mental conflict, the watchings, and the exertions of the day, Abraham fell into a deep sleep, and in that sleep is soul was oppressed with a dense and dreadful darkness, such as almost stifled him, and lay like a nightmare upon his heart.

Do you understand something of the horror of that darkness? When some terrible sorrow which seems so hard to reconcile with perfect love, crushes down upon the soul, wringing from it all its peaceful rest in the pitifulness of God, and launching it on a sea unlit by a ray of hope; when unkindness, and cruelty maltreat the trusting heart, till it begins to doubt whether there be a God overhead who can see and still permit– these know something of the “horror of great darkness.”

It is thus that human life is made up; brightness and gloom; shadow and sun; long tracks of cloud, succeeded by brilliant glints of light, and amid all Divine justice is working out its own schemes, affecting others equally with the individual soul which seems the subject of special discipline.

O ye who are filled with the horror of great darkness because of God’s dealings with mankind, learn to trust that infallible wisdom, which is co-assessor with immutable justice; and know that He who passed through the horror of the darkness of Calvary, with the cry of forsakenness, is ready to bear you company through the valley of the shadow of death till you see the sun shining upon its further side. Let us, by our Forerunner, send forward our anchor, Hope, within the veil that parts us from the unseen; where it will grapple in ground and will not yield, but hold until the day dawns, and we follow it into the haven guaranteed to us by God’s immutable counsel. — F. B. Meyer

Genesis 15_12

Immanuel – Where?

Immanuel – God with us. Jesus Christ, our Saviour is Immanuel; Jesus is with us.

Unfortunately we have confined the presence of our Lord to few places like Gentiles do. In the places where we worship, Jesus is with us. If two or three gather in His Name and pray, then Jesus is among them. And there are few more places where, depending on your denomination and your spiritual background, Jesus Christ is with us.

But our Lord Jesus Christ is Immanuel – He is with us. Wherever we go, He is with us. It is not the place that matters to Him; it is our hearts that matter. HE resides in our hearts and whether we like to take Him to certain places or not, He is with us.

Does Jesus love to be with us wherever we go? Yes, He does. Is He pleased with certain places we go? Now, that is a question I wish every Christian asks before going and I am sure, if we sincerely ask this question before we decide to go somewhere, we will be saved from lots of sins, temptations and sufferings.

The psalmist puts it in a very elegant manner: “If I go up into Heaven, You are there; if I make my bed in Sheol, behold, You are there.” (Psalm 139:8, MKJV) Sheol here is not Hell as some translations say, but the place of the dead. And the psalmist says even if he makes his bed there… he is not talking about his death, but lying peacefully among the dead, just like sinners, even then the Lord Immanuel is there with him.

You may not agree with me in this. But there are times, deep in sin, with no hopes left, I have heard the silent whisper; I have felt the tender breeze; I have realized the wounded hand of my Redeemer. More than anything, this realization, that even in my worst moments, moments I have ever been ashamed of, moments I would never share with anyone, my Lord Jesus was with me, with that one look that broke Peter’s heart on that night when he denied knowing the Lord… yes, my LORD is Immanuel. Jesus Christ has always been there, even though I deliberately chose to ignore Him.

Dear friend, if the temptation of sin overwhelms, know that Immanuel is with you. The God Who overcame is with you. Because He is with you, you can also overcome this world and its lusts. You can win this battle and the war – for our Immanuel is also the King of kings and the Lord of lords.


Immanuel – When?

Immanuel – God with us.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is Immanuel, God with us.

When I was growing up, in our boarding school, we were taught that if you are good, God would be with you; otherwise, He would forsake you. I understand that it was said to keep the kids in order. But it took years for me to accept that Jesus is Immanuel – God with us.

There are no qualifications, no conditions to be met, no stipulations to be fulfilled and no clauses attached. God with us. The revelation is one of the most glorious revelations I have received so far in my life. That God is with us.

Are there times when He won’t be with us? Absolutely not. HE is with us from the beginning to the end. Till the world ends. Even after the world ends. Every single day, God is with us. Every single moment, God is with us. We may fail to recognize His presence in the mundane life that we live; we may neglect Him because of our “busy” schedule; we may even reject His holy presence for some earthly things. But He is with us. God is with us. Jesus is Immanuel.

When things go wrong, we often feel that the Lord has abandoned us. When failures become routine part of our life, our heart feels as if we are forsaken by God. When afflictions, pain and sufferings increase manifold, we feel no presence of the Most Almighty as we look unto the heavens. Only darkness is there and it is, at times, difficult to believe that Jesus is with us. But dear friend, He is Immanuel. And look beneath. Underneath are His everlasting arms (Deut.33:27), holding you and sustaining you during these tough times.

Everlasting arms

Yes dear friend. It is not the situation that dictates whether God is with you or not. Do not look for signs to know if the Lord is with you or not. Do not let the external circumstances to tell you whether Jesus is with you or not. JESUS is IMMANUEL – God with us. With us always.

May His everlasting presence bring abundance of joy to all of us during these holidays. Amen.


Immanuel – the Name

The name “Immanuel” was sort of an enigma for me when I grew up. Since it is mentioned in the very first chapter of the New Testament, every year when the New Year begins, I would read the name and then hear it again in the month of December during the Christmas season. As a kid, the only thing I was asked to remember was that Immanuel means “God with us”, which obviously did not take to memorize.

But memorizing as a kid is not the same as experiencing it in our life, is it? As I grew up, and the Lord in His grace, saved me, I started to read the Bible with more prayers and initially, I ended up with more questions than answers. And the very first question every time I start reading the Bible afresh in the New Year (please don’t get me wrong, I only start reading afresh every year; whether I finish reading the Bible or not, is a different question) is, how Matthew 1:21 is the fulfilment of Matthew 1:23 or Isaiah 7:14.

Matthew 1:21 is the command by the angel to Joseph to name the Child: “And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”

Matthew 1:22 asserts that this happened as the direct fulfilment of the prophecy by Isaiah: So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying…

Matthew 1:23 quotes the verse from Isaiah 1:14 which was the Old Testament prophecy: “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.””

Now for someone growing with thousand questions already, this one was very confusing. When the birth of certain people were given as a prophecy, they were given the same names that the Lord had mentioned, as a direct fulfilment of the prophecy – Isaac and John the Baptist readily come to our minds. But here, the prophecy tells that His Name shall be “Immanuel” and Matthew writes that this was fulfilled when the Son of God was named “Jesus”. It was confusing to me.

But then the Spirit of God revealed that the name “Immanuel” needs more meditation with His guidance to understand how it is fulfilled by the Name above all names, “Jesus.” God willing, let us meditate on this wonderful name of our Lord during this Christmas season.

May the joy of this holiday season be with us all. Amen.


The Good Shepherd – seeking the lost

I will seek what was lost and bring back what was driven away, bind up the broken and strengthen what was sick. – Ezekiel 34:16 (NKJV)

Few days back, I was informed of an impending visit from some of our relatives. As we were praying, the Lord told me that I needed to give counselling to a teenage boy who is going in the wrong way. The Lord also gave me insights into his wounded mind, and gave examples that I must use from my own bitter experiences from my childhood. So, I surrendered myself to God’s will and was waiting for the boy to arrive.

But it so happened that as soon as they came, they had to leave right away to another city. But before leaving, the kid asked me if he could speak to me on Saturday afternoon as he would be back by then. I told that was fine. But again, their travel plans changed and I was informed that he would be arriving late in the night, and if possible, he would like to talk for few minutes with me. I agreed again as the Lord had told me to. Then Saturday night, I was informed that due to traffic problems, they were not leaving that evening, but would be reaching on Sunday morning, and would be leaving within an hour or so. Now, I was in a dilemma, as Sunday mornings are generally hectic and it would be difficult to accommodate time to talk with him, as I would be in the church by 9:45 AM to prepare for the worship service. But, I was assured this time, that they would be in the morning by 7:30, so just few minutes of my time would mean a lot. So, I hurried up all my processes so I could be ready by 7:30. Yet again, the dreaded phone call came, informing us that the traffic was severe than they had anticipated, and hence they would reach our home only by 10 AM.

Now I knew that I won’t be even able to say goodbye to the kid, as I would be in the church, leading the worship when they arrive and leave right after. But it also bothered me that the Lord had told me that I had to talk to the boy and gave words. The Lord is always true to His Word. So, I sought the Lord’s guidance in this matter… and something happened.

I suddenly became too weak and started feeling severe pain. As I told my wife rather eloquently, I had only 4 minor ailments that is bothering me: 1. I am not able to walk. 2. I am not able to stand. 3. I am not able to sit, and 4. I am not able to lie down. Though I am able to joke about it now, at that moment, the pain was intense and severe, I did not know what to do. Could not sit, stand, walk or lie down. What are the things you could possibly do when you are feeling severe pain? So, at the last minute, I had to give the worship to our assistant pastor who has been in training for just such emergencies.

At 10 AM, when the worship was starting, the teenage boy called me, asking if I could spare just five minutes of my time. Though I was in pain, I asked him to come, as my wife just then pointed out that the Lord has been truthful to His Word. As we spoke, he realized how many wounds he has suppressed in his sub-conscious, how he has been blaming himself for what has happened to his parents, how he had been subjected to severe physical beating in the name of being disciplined, and finally how it had led him to abuse his own body. As we spoke, I could see that the Lord was making a breakthrough in the kid’s heart, and we ended up talking for nearly an hour. As he left, I believe the presence and the grace of the Lord was with him, and the Great Physician will heal the wounds of that teenage boy.

However, the one thing that I realized was how in the parable of a lost sheep, the Good Shepherd leaves all the 99 sheep in safety and goes searching for that one last sheep. I never took it literally. But today, as nearly 100 believers were worshipping the Lord, He had made me indisposed so that He could reach out to one lost soul… it made me realize how important each soul is for our Great Shepherd.

If the Lord had asked me my preference, attending the worship of the Lord or to spend the same time counselling a lost soul, I admit that I would have preferred attending the worship of our Lord God. But today, the Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ, made me realize that every lost sheep in important to Him. All I can say is, “Thank You Lord for the affliction that You gave me this day, so that I could be of use to a dear lost soul. May Your Name alone be praised. Amen.”


Let the Teacher choose the School – The Wilderness

You call Me Teacher and Lord, and you say well, for so I AM. – John 13:13 (NKJV)

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the best Teacher we can ever have. Learning from Jesus is probably the easiest thing to do, as He is gentle and lowly in heart. Learning from Him will find rest for our souls (Matthew 11:28). Yet, we often see us not learning the lessons the easy way; we find His yoke to be difficult and His burden heavy – too much to bear. Why? The reason is, often because, we don’t let the Teacher and the Lord to choose the School where we are to be taught.

Let us go and make a checklist of things needed to be taught for a shepherd boy to be a king. David was anointed to be the next king of Israel. He did possess the qualities to be the king, because when the first time, one of the servants talked about him to king Saul, he said that David was skillful in playing, a mighty man of valor, a man of war, prudent in speech, and a handsome person, and the Lord was with him (1 Samuel 16:19). When we realize that this assessment was made before David slayed Goliath; before he became the armorbearer for Saul. But he was raw. He needed to be polished. He was a raw diamond. So, where would he polished? Our expertise would say in the palace of a king and in the battlefield.

Yes, he was in the palace of a king; he slayed Goliath; he led the Israelite armies to many great victories; he married the princess; he became best friends with the prince Jonathan; he had become the son-in-law of the king himself. He was learning everything he had to. And I would have thought when Saul’s time was gone, David was ready to become the king. But, alas, how little I know the School where our Lord teaches.

No, dear friends, it was not in the comfort of the palace, or in the forefront of deadly battles, did David learn the lessons he needed the most; his diamond did not shine yet. It was cut, but not yet polished. For that, David had to follow his Teacher into one place, where we would not have expected one of the greatest kings of history to be schooled – the wilderness of Judah.

The course was as tough as it could come. But the lessons he learned there were the very best, which he could not have learned from the confines of a palace. A battle field would have tested and proved his courage, but the wilderness of Judah made him tender-hearted when two hundred of his men became weary – the same men who were ready to stone him to death just hours before (1 Samuel 30). The lessons from the wilderness made him magnanimous, as he sent the spoils from the Amalekites to those who helped him, saying “Here is a present for you from the spoil of the enemies of the Lord” (1 Samuel 30:26). From a raw-cut diamond, he became the best diamond in the world, so that the Teacher Himself was, one day, called as the “Son of David.”

Dear friend, the wilderness we are in, is not a banishment, but is the best form of school we could ever attend. The wilderness may feel very lonely, but our Teacher is with us every step of the way, strengthening us in Him (1 Samuel 30:6). Every thing that breaks us in not meant to kill us, but to become the best vessels to carry the grace and love of the Lord to the world. Every lesson that we are learning is not pushing us away from the Lord God, but to rest on His bosom as John did. Yes, you may not know who you are, but if you are in the wilderness of Judah, your Creator knows that you are a raw-cut diamond, and He has chosen you to become a priceless diamond, that shines amidst the darkness of this world. Yes, dear friend, don’t sulk at the School you are in right now. Let the Teacher decide the School that you need to. Amen. May God bless us all.

John 13_13

Job’s Wife – Bless God and die!

1. Job’s Wife – Introduction

2. Job’s Wife – Balaam’s Wise Utterance

3. Job’s Wife – The LORD Understands Depression

4. Job’s Wife – The Silent Sufferer

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6. Job’s Wife – To Bless or To Curse

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8. Job’s Wife – Satanic Sarcasm

In the previous blogs, by the grace of God, I hope I have explained how the word ‘barak’ was mistranslated as ‘curse’ in the three instances in the first two chapters of the Book of Job. It still leaves us with that one verse that matters the most. Those words Job’s wife utters in Job 2:9.

And his wife said to him, “Are you still holding fast to your integrity? Bless God and die!” (LITV)

Then his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!” (NKJV)

Now, if we consider that ‘barak’ means to bless, and hence Job’s wife did say “Bless God” instead of “Curse God”, we have two questions that need to be answered. The first question would be why if she said to bless God, did she add “die” to that? To answer that question, let me talk about a conversation that happened in July this year.

I met this elderly couple who have been ministers of God, for more years than my age is. For a long time, the church they pastored to was considered a beacon of Light and Truth to many people in our town. The church members were delivered from many bondages; the believers prospered; 24/7 someone would be praying in the church; youth would be praising the Lord even at 3 AM; many people were being saved; many believers became servants of God and branched out. It was during this time, the Lord gave them great promises regarding the future of the church and various plans He has for them.

But for the last 20 years or so, things took a rough turn. Except on Sundays and Fridays, when there are appointed times for worship and prayer, no believer would come to pray. Many believers suffered severe financial losses. Those who came to the church with myriad of problems were not delivered any more. For few years, there was no baptism at all in the church. The church members seem to be lost. The ministers themselves have fallen on hard times for quite a long time.

When I was talking to the elderly ministers, I was talking about the great promises that the Lord has given them and to my surprise, they were not giving much importance to those promises. They told me that they were not focussing on those promises anymore. They had had a good run. For many years, the church was thriving, the members were prosperous, and God had used them to save so many souls. They are grateful for all those blessings. They have decided to spend the rest of their lives to thank God for the good things He has done in their life, for letting them do His ministries faithfully for so long, and to await either the Second Coming of our Lord or the sweet deliverance of death. They have, they declared in a firm voice, absolutely no compunctions about the various promises not fulfilled. They had a fruitful life, they are thankful for that, and they have decided to bless the Lord for all those good things He has in their life and to prepare for death.

“Bless God and die!”

I hope that conversation has made it clear what it means to ‘bless God and die.’ Job’s wife was not telling him to blaspheme God and then to commit suicide. She was telling him, instead of hoping that things would change for him, he must bless God for all the good things he had enjoyed in his life and be prepared to meet his Creator.

Now that may sound alien to us, but the Bible does have a record of such an instance. As we know, the 11th chapter of Hebrews is known as the “Hall of Fame of Heroes of Faith”, and for a good reason. But if we read carefully, we will see certain oddities in the names of the heroes, and also what things are considered to be “of faith” by the Spirit of God. Most striking of those oddities would be what had been recorded for Jacob.

There were many incidents in the life of Jacob, where he exhibited great faith in trusting God against all odds. Yet, the Scripture records the final moment of Jacob, as an act of faith, that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. And that record is:

By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff. – Hebrews 11:21 (NKJV)

Jacob, as he was dying, leaned on the top of his staff, which accompanied him in his lonely walk when he ran away from his brother, and worshiped the Lord; apparently Jacob, knowing his death was imminent, was blessing God for all the good things He had done in his life, and died.

This was what Job’s wife was asking him to do: Bless God and die!

However, that leaves with still one more question to answer… Job’s response to that. God willing, we will see discuss his response tomorrow. Peace be with us all. Amen.

Hebrews 11_21