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Not under the Law, but under Grace

Our Father in Heaven, in His infinite goodness, gave two choices for people to choose under the Law. You have a choice between life or death, blessings or curse. You can choose. The LORD gave the choices to His people to pick.177725701

But our good Father also knew that we were the children of Adam and Eve, who chose death instead of life, curses instead of blessings, just because of one forbidden fruit. Like the prodigal son, when given a choice, we would happily press the “self-destruct” button, without realizing the eternal consequences that we have to face. So, in His eternal mercies, He sent His only Son and our elder Brother Jesus Christ.

Jesus is not the elder brother from the parable of the prodigal son. HE is the Brother born to help us in adversity (Proverbs 17:17). So, He became the fulfilment of the Law; He chose death and curse for Himself, so we, who are under His grace, have only two things left to choose: life and blessing. Let us choose life and blessings, because if you are under grace, you have no other choices left. Amen.



Lessons from ICU. 9. Your life is not a “case” for God

In the previous blog, I mentioned about how the nurses saved an old man’s life when I was in the ICU. However, there was something that bothered me a little.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I believe what the nurses did that day, and in general, what they do to be very noble and I have utmost respect for them. This is just an observation I wanted to share.

As the old man next to me was going into shock, my breakfast was served. Generally they serve breakfast by 7 am. But that day, due to some misunderstanding, they forgot to give me my breakfast and it was already 9 am. I was very tired by then and it was by looking at how tired I was, they realized that they had not given breakfast to me. But when the breakfast was served, the patient next to me, went into shock and I had already written about how the nurses saved his life.

During that time, I did not eat my breakfast, as I felt it was inhumane on my part to be eating while another human being was struggling for his life next to me. But the nurse who was in charge of me, while working on that patient, noticed that I was not eating and she came up and told me to eat my breakfast. When I told that I would wait for the treatment to the patient to finish, she told, “Don’t worry about that. Just eat your breakfast.”

Still I could not bring myself to eat. After another minute or two, the nurse saw that I was not still eating and she told the head nurse about this. The head nurse came to me and in a stern voice, said, “Eat your breakfast now. We don’t want to deal with two cases at the same time.”

Two cases. Only then, I realized that for the nurses there, we were “cases” to be taken care of. Once again, what they do is noble. I also understand that being a nurse, they would be seeing so many patients and they should not be emotionally involved in every case. As a result, they have become inured to emotions.

Now contrast that with God. How many billions He had seen dying? And how many more billions will pass away before the end of the world? Yet, for Him, your life matters. No matter who you are, how weak you are, how unimportant you think of yourself, your life matters to God. Your life is not a “case” to be dealt with. For the Creator of all life, your life matters so much.

No matter how many deaths had happened, no matter how many promising lives have passed away without fulfilling their destiny, God has not lost hope in your life. Your life matters to Him. Whether the plan He has for you is great or small, whether the impact you will create may last forever or may be ephemeral, you matter to God.

For a bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench. – Isaiah 42:3

Bruised reed

Lessons from ICU. 2. Your name means nothing

“Attender for Battery Benz Car! Attender for Battery Benz Car! Please report immediately.” Where would you hear such an announcement? In a Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facility? Or in an Auto Expo Fair? What if I said that both answers are totally wrong. And if you thought about the miniature cars that are battery operated, you would be wrong again!

My first day at ICU, I was told that there were a number of scans that had to be taken to find the cause of my sickness. After waiting for my attender to arrive for a while, the nurses finally wheeled me out of the ICU. As we were waiting for the elevator to arrive, the security guard who was there was the one who was making this announcement: “Attender for Battery Benz Car, please report immediately”.

As I was wondering why a security guard at the ICU of a hospital is seeking the attender for a battery operated Benz car, he turned around and told the nurses that he had been calling the attender for a while and no one had arrived. Then he asked, “But who would name their child as Battery Benz Car, anyway?”

It was then it dawned upon me that the security guard was actually calling out my name – Patric Benziher in a very localized fashion. Even in that weakened state, I could not help but smile, and I told him, “It is not Battery Benz Car; it is Patric Benziher.” The sheepish look on the security guard was priceless.

And the nurses at the ICU heard about this and did not risk calling out my name after that. I just became Bed No: 2. And in that moment I realized, in this big world, where everyone is so busy, your name means nothing.

But then, billions and billions of people have lived from the days of Adam till today, and God willing, may follow. Yet, the Lord of the universe, knows us by our names. And there is no mistakes in the way He calls out our names. For He declares, “You are Mine.” How awesome is His love for us! How great and unfathomable is His grace upon us, that God knows us by our names and He calls us by our names!

Yes, in this world, our names may not mean much to people outside our circle, but to the Creator, to the King of kings, our names are precious; He knows us by our names and even now, He calls us by our names! We are precious in His eyes and that is all that matters.


Lessons from the ICU. 1. Doctors can be so wrong

As my heart beat went racing on July 8th, I was taken to a doctor in my hometown. He is a physician I respect a lot. But on that day, he did not recognize me as I was overweight by 55 kgs. And with all the perspiration and all that, he looked at me with disgust and was not even ready to take a look at my condition. He asked me to get out of his office as he does not deal with “patients who are about to die.” But then my breathing became too erratic and I was unable to move. So he gave me two injections to reduce my pain and sent me off.

But then he called my father-in-law, a 78 year old God-fearing servant of God, and told him not to waste time and money by taking me to any place for treatment as there was neither time nor hope left for me to survive. He told another believer who accompanied me to make arrangements for my funeral as I might be alive for only another two hours because of the injections he had given, but after that, it is surely a gone case.

Two hours later, I was admitted to the Emergency Ward and the John 11.4physician there had given my wife only a mere 10% of my survival. Even that was against all hopes. So he had cautioned her not to expect any good news.

One hour later, the same physician looked at me and with a bewildered look, asked me: “You scared all of us and we are still scratching our heads here, wondering what has happened to you. But here you are, sitting in the emergency ward, with such a huge smile in your face. Okay, that is a good sign. So keep smiling.”

Why was I smiling after being so close to death? Why did not my wife and her father panic when given such bad news? Because when I started becoming sick, we prayed and the LORD promised us John 11:4. “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”

I respect doctors and physicians. But they have only so much power and authority. But my life is hidden in Christ Who has all the power and authority. And finally as Ron Kenoly asked, whose report will I believe… yes, I shall believe the report of the LORD.

Whose report
Will you believe?
We shall believe
The report of the Lord

His report says I am healed
His report says I am filled
His report says I am free
His report says victory

Are you healed?
Are you filled?
Have you got the victory?

John 11_4

A Changed Attitude

napoleon-horseIt was Napoleon Bonaparte who, early in his life, said, “God is on the side of the biggest artillery.”

Years later, when he was exiled on an island, he reversed his opinion, and conceded, “Man proposes, but God disposes.”

Napoleon learned the attitude of “If it is the Lord’s will” the hard way. May we learn it now.

Let us say, truly, “LORD, may Your will be done in my life.” (Matthew 26:42)

From the “2000+ Bible Illustrations”

Jeremiah 29:11“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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