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No hope, still…

When Mary Magdalene, Mary, mother of James, and Salome came to the tomb on that Sunday morning, they were worried about the stone. As it was written earlier, the stone was very large, it was sealed and was guarded. But they had a much greater problem than the large, sealed and guarded stone.

They had no hope.

Proverbs 18:14 says, “… but who can bear a broken spirit?” (NKJV)

When they went to the tomb, they were not hoping to see the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ in His glory. They went there with absolutely no hope. They went to anoint the body of Jesus. According to them, Jesus had died and that was the end of the story. They had no hope.

Dear child of God, probably you are also in such a situation, where you have no hope left at all. Nothing. Whatever hopes you had were dashed to pieces, grounded to dust and buried deep.

  • Does your future look bleak without any hopes?
  • Are you still looking for a job, at the age, when you thought you would be well settled in your life?
  • Is your body giving away slowly to the disease that you have been fighting for a while?
  • Have you lost all hope that you will ever be living a life that is pleasing to God?
  • Though you are religious, lately you are attending the church services out of habit rather than out of love for God?
  • Do you feel that the anointing you received is slowly burning down?

No matter what, dear friend, come to the Lord.

The women went to the tomb, without any hope. All they wanted to do was to anoint the body of a dead Jesus. But, then the power of resurrection came in its awesome might and they witnessed the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Like them, you may have lost all your hopes. All you want is just go through one more day. But come to Him, come to the LORD our Saviour Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection will be evident in your life.

The women came to anoint a dead body. But they ended up witnessing the greatest event in the history of mankind. Yes, come to Jesus even if you have no hope and you shall witness the great awesome power of our LORD in your life. And from a hopeless situation, the LORD will change your life so much that you will inspire hope unto thousands of others who have lost their hope. Amen.

U have Jesus

Hebrews 9:28“so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.”

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Ashes – Hopelessness

In Jewish tradition, they believe that after someone dies, his soul hovers over his body for three days. After that, the soul leaves the body and goes back to God, its Creator. So, Jews thought that for 72 hours, there is hope that a dead person can come back to life, but after that, there is no hope left for that person.

When we reach that stage of hopelessness, where there is no way for you to have any hope at all, it is difficult for us to believe that our LORD Jesus Christ loves us anymore. Yet, the Bible tells a different story.

When Jesus arrived, He found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days. – John 11:17 (ISV)

We need to note two things here.

  1. This is not someone about whom the LORD did not care. When the sisters of Lazarus sent a message to Jesus, they were very emphatic about one thing: “Lord, the one You love is sick.” – John 11:3. Dear friend, you have been praying for so long and now the situation has become so hopeless, you are wondering whether the LORD loves you or not. No, dear friend, our LORD loves you. Even when your prayers are not answered, the LORD loves you. Even when all hopes are lost, the LORD loves you.
  2. Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days. We don’t know when he died and how long after that, he was laid in the tomb. But it had been four days since he was there. Which means, according to the Jewish tradition, there was no chance for him to come to life again. Dear friend, probably people around you are telling that there is no hope left anymore. Tradition and the knowledge of this world are telling you that everything is gone.

Is this your ashes today? Hopelessness.

  • The deadlines are way past. The days for redemption is well over. You needed that money a week before, now it is too late and even now, there seems to be no way.
  • Probably you needed the understanding of your spouse few days before. Now, it is too late to reconcile the relation. It is over for good now.
  • If you had got that job at that time, it would have been just perfect. But, not only you did not get the job, your situation has gone from bad to worse. Now, even if you get that job, it would be impossible for you to get back on your feet.

But, wait a minute, my friend. Bring these ashes, all your hopelessness to our LORD. Bring every single thing where your hopes were dashed to our LORD. It does not matter how trivial it seems to be, bring it to Jesus. For the One who is visiting you now has the power to turn your ashes into beauty. And, remember these four things.

  • Jesus wept. – John 11:35. Dear friend, you don’t serve a stone-hearted dictator. We are worshipping Jesus Christ, God who feels your pains, who shares your burdens. And when you have lost all your hopes, when grave yard alone seems to be your destination, Jesus is not laughing there in Heaven. Jesus weeps for your condition, dear friend. Are you feeling so lonely that you are thinking that there is no one for you? Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of all human kind, is there for you and He is weeping at your condition, dear friend. Tears are flowing from His gracious eyes, seeing how much you have to suffer.
  • Martha, the sister of Lazarus, told Jesus: “There must be a stench by now.” – John 11:39. At this hopeless situation, when you decide to pray, there will be your family members and your well-wishers who will be saying that it is too late now. They are not saying that because they hate you. For them, it is just reality. Even if God wants to show grace to you, isn’t it too late for that? Isn’t the situation beyond salvage now? Because they look at the material world, not at the Creator who created all these; they look at the laws of this Physical world, not at the One who created everything by His Word. So, don’t let their words dissuadjesus_lazaruse you from coming to Jesus.
  • “Come out!” commands the voice of the LORD. – John 11:43. Dear friend, out of your hopelessness, out of the ashes that surround you, the Voice of the LORD commands, “Come out”. The Voice of the LORD is powerful; the Voice of the LORD is full of majesty. (Psalms 29:4) And that Voice is commanding now, dear friend, to come out of this hopelessness, out of this desperate situation. When the LORD commands, even the depths of the valley of death will open its mouth and will give you back into the land of living. Yes, dear friend, death is not your end. From this hopeless situation, the LORD is commanding you to come out. It does not matter whether the devil has a strong hold on you, he has to obey our Lord and Master now. Even if your hands and legs are bound by grave clothes, nothing can stop you now.
  • Finally, remember this, my friend. All these days, you were expecting a miracle to save your face. You were hoping that God would do something so that you can go around and tell others that you serve a Living God. But, everything went against you. Now, as the LORD has commanded you out of these hopeless, dear friend, you don’t have to go around telling people, people will come to you, to see you, and the best part, there will be throngs believing in Jesus Christ because of you. The Bible says, ‘because on account of Lazarus, many of the Jews went away and believed in Jesus.’ – John 12:11. Yes, dear friend, you will become a living testimony for the grace, power and majesty of our LORD.

All you need to do is just one thing. Bring these ashes, your hopelessness to our LORD and He will give beauty for your ashes.


Matthew 2:4-6“When he had called together all the people’s chief priests and teachers of the law, he asked them where the Messiah was to be born. “In Bethlehem in Judea,” they replied, “for this is what the prophet has written: “‘But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.’””

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