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Job’s Wife – Her Broken Heart

1. Job’s Wife – Introduction

2. Job’s Wife – Balaam’s Wise Utterance

3. Job’s Wife – The LORD Understands Depression

4. Job’s Wife – The Silent Sufferer

Who can bear a broken spirit? – Proverbs 18:14 (NKJV)

Imagine the life of Job’s wife just a day before calamity struck her family. Her husband was prosperous, well-respected – both in this world and in the presence of God, and he was the greatest of all the people of the East. She had seven sons and three daughters, who lived in such a unity. Each son’s birthday was celebrated by all the brothers and sisters together. From what Job said later, we understand that they treated their servants well, and in turn they were respected well. From the outset, it would look like that she would be the poster woman for “The Virtuous Woman” from Proverbs 31. Life was good. Serene. Blessed.

Then 24 hours later, she had lost everything. All her children were killed; all their valuable were raided by the enemies and all their servants were dead. Just in 24 hours, her life changed from being perfect to completely void. Yet, the Scriptures do not record her of wailing, or cursing God, or berating Job for their losses. Even when Job said, “The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21, NKJV), she did not rail against him. She suffered her losses stoically, reflecting that she was, indeed, noble in nature.

Then one day, she saw her loving husband covered with boils, from bottom to top, sitting in the middle of the ashes, scarping himself hard with a potsherd. It is one thing to suffer a sudden loss, but to suffer a war of attrition, where you are witnessing your loved one suffer, right before your eyes, without an end in the sight, is entirely a different thing; such an attrition will break even the strongest of the spirits. And who can bear a broken spirit?

If you have seen your loved one suffering in pain every day, withering away daily, right before your eyes, with no hope whatsoever, you already know how difficult it is.

Our Immanuel, Jesus Christ, knew that the death and the eventual burial of Lazarus was going to bring great glory to our Father, that the Son of God also would be glorified, and that Lazarus would come back alive and his entire family was going to rejoice. Yet when He saw Mary and Martha were weeping, John records that the Lord groaned in the spirit and was troubled (John 11:33) and eventually, the Lord Himself wept (John 11:35). If our Lord, knowing what He was about to do, groaned in the spirit and was troubled, and if the Lord Himself wept, then imagine how much He understands how brittle our hearts. Jesus knows our weaknesses more than we do. And He sympathizes with us and is compassionate towards our broken spirit.

Suffering and afflictions are at times hard. But waiting without any sliver of hope is also equally hard. If afflictions affect our body and mind, attrition breaks our spirit. It is with a broken spirit, Job’s wife uttered those six words. But, even then, she did not speak against the Lord or even against her husband. As they say, something was lost in translation. God willing, may the Spirit of our Lord lead us to the Truth as it is in the Scriptures.

Proverbs 18_14


No hope, still…

When Mary Magdalene, Mary, mother of James, and Salome came to the tomb on that Sunday morning, they were worried about the stone. As it was written earlier, the stone was very large, it was sealed and was guarded. But they had a much greater problem than the large, sealed and guarded stone.

They had no hope.

Proverbs 18:14 says, “… but who can bear a broken spirit?” (NKJV)

When they went to the tomb, they were not hoping to see the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ in His glory. They went there with absolutely no hope. They went to anoint the body of Jesus. According to them, Jesus had died and that was the end of the story. They had no hope.

Dear child of God, probably you are also in such a situation, where you have no hope left at all. Nothing. Whatever hopes you had were dashed to pieces, grounded to dust and buried deep.

  • Does your future look bleak without any hopes?
  • Are you still looking for a job, at the age, when you thought you would be well settled in your life?
  • Is your body giving away slowly to the disease that you have been fighting for a while?
  • Have you lost all hope that you will ever be living a life that is pleasing to God?
  • Though you are religious, lately you are attending the church services out of habit rather than out of love for God?
  • Do you feel that the anointing you received is slowly burning down?

No matter what, dear friend, come to the Lord.

The women went to the tomb, without any hope. All they wanted to do was to anoint the body of a dead Jesus. But, then the power of resurrection came in its awesome might and they witnessed the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Like them, you may have lost all your hopes. All you want is just go through one more day. But come to Him, come to the LORD our Saviour Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection will be evident in your life.

The women came to anoint a dead body. But they ended up witnessing the greatest event in the history of mankind. Yes, come to Jesus even if you have no hope and you shall witness the great awesome power of our LORD in your life. And from a hopeless situation, the LORD will change your life so much that you will inspire hope unto thousands of others who have lost their hope. Amen.

U have Jesus

Hebrews 9:28“so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.”

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