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HE punished us…

You showed them that You are a forgiving God, but You punished them for their wrongs. – Psalm 99:8 (NCV)

The LORD God is merciful and gracious; and in His grace, He forgives my sins. But my soul, never forget that He is also a righteous and just God. Therefore, He has to punish me for my wrongs.

So, my soul, as you rejoice that your sins are forgiven, do not forget that the punishment for your sins have fallen on Your Saviour Jesus Christ. Never forget to look at the Cross at the Calvary. Never forget how much it cost God, the Creator of Universe, to forgive your sins.

It cost Him His only beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Never ever forget that, my soul, never forget that.

Jesus Christ. My Lord, my Master, my Saviour, my Redeemer. I love You, Lord. I love You.

Psalm 99_8