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3. Voice of Love

When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son!” Then He said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!” – John 19:26-27

Final Words behold

The third of the seven utterances of our Saviour from the Cross. Isn’t it amazing that when being nailed to the Cross, Jesus fulfilled His responsibility as a Son to His mother. Then, dear friend, imagine how much He will take care of you today as He is seated at the Right Hand of our Father, as a High Priest interceding for us.

But isn’t it amazing that the apostle John came back, to be at the Calvary, after deserting our Lord at the Garden of Gethsemane? It is the love for Jesus Christ that had compelled him to come back. If I had been in John’s place, I would have expected the Lord to give one of two things.

  1. Make me the chief of the Apostles, instead of Peter, who deserted You and thrice said that he does not know You. But here I am. Yes, I also left You, Lord, but see I have come back because Your love has compelled me. So, I deserve to be the chief of Your disciples.
  2. Or, Lord, give me a double-portion anointing, like Elisha received when he saw Elijah being taken away. Here I am, as You are in the last moments. And give me the anointing, double-portion.

And Jesus did give him a responsibility. It was not a promotion or an anointing, but taking care of an old woman, who had just witnessed her Son being crucified before her eyes and hence suffered so much.

Isn’t it odd that when Peter proclaims his love for our Saviour later, again he was given another responsibility – Feed my sheep. (John 21:17)

Dear friend, do you love Jesus Christ? Then here is the Voice of Love from Calvary. Asking you to take responsibility. Not a double-portion anointing, not a promotion in the church leadership. But to do ordinary menial tasks, taking care of the sheep, taking care of people who need your help, people who may not deserve your time… responsibilities that may not make your name prominent, but if you love Jesus, the Lord Who was crucified for you, He is asking you this day… Will you feed My sheep? Will you tend My sheep? Will you take care of those who are weak?

What will be your answer? It says about John – from that hour, he took Mary to his own home. From that hour. What will be your answer in the next hour?