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English – Some time later, the brook dried up.–1 Kings 17:7 (NIV)

image    When we read the life of prophet Elijah, something odd stands out. “Some time later, the brook dried up.” – 1 Kings 17:7. Because when we read the verses 3-4 in the same chapter, we understand it was the LORD who commanded Elijah to hide near the brook of Kerith (or Cherith) and to drink water from the brook. Now, the same brook has dried up.

    Child of God! Are you in the same situation today? You prayed, asked the LORD for His command about your future, you followed His word, but now that door is closed. That brook has dried up. Are you confused what to do now? Don’t fret, don’t fear, for the LORD of Hosts, the God of Elijah is with us as He was with Elisha.

     But to understand the guidance of our LORD, we should understand how the life of Elijah mirrors our own. Let us look at only the name today. Elijah the Tishbite. This name is mentioned 6 times for the prophet. What does it mean? Does that make any sense to us?

     Elijah means the LORD is my God (my God is Jehovah). Yes, it refers to all of us who have chosen the LORD Jesus Christ as our Savior, as our God. And, remember, at Mt. Carmel, where the Israelites scored one of the biggest spiritual victories in their history, they cried out, proclaiming, “The LORD is God.” Yes, dear child of God, are you downcast today by the turn of events? Take heart, look at the LORD, for there is a multitude waiting for you to proclaim that the LORD is our God. Amen.

    Tishbite means “captive of” or “make captive of”. So, Elijah was captive of something… of what? Remember that I mentioned that this name was mentioned exactly 6 times in the Bible. Number 6 implies deeds of flesh. As everyone knows, the sign of anti-Christ is 666. So, it is clear that the Bible tells us, like you and me, the great prophet was also captive of his flesh. He had the same problems we have today. Depression, too much emotions, frustrations, doubts, hunger, thirst. All these were in Elijah too. That is why the Bible later says that “Elijah was a human being with a nature as we have (with feelings, affections, and a constitution like ours).” – James 5:17 (AMP).

    Oh dear child of God, are you confused about the LORD’s guidance in your life? Are you not sure if you are on the right track? Are common sense and experience waging a battle against your faith? Take heart. Elijah also went through the same thing.

   Imagine the timing of the LORD’s command. Elijah had just stood before Ahab and proclaimed that there would be no rain unless he, Elijah, commands again. It would be an historical moment for the prophet. But the LORD tells him right after that to hide himself in the brook of Kerith. Imagine how Elijah would have felt.

    Probably you know the feeling already. When troubles came against you, when people who had power over you rose against you, you stood your ground. You proclaimed your faith, with your head held high, you said how the LORD is going to do great things in your life. Your enemy stood ashamed before you. And, you thought that things are going to be different. Probably you thought he is going to repent and change his ways. Or probably that the LORD would do something great before the eyes of your enemies and exalt you. But, NO, NO, NO. Instead the LORD asked you to hide yourself. HE separated you from all your friends. You are left alone, with no one to confide in. And, deep in the night, your pillows are wet with tears, as your soul is crying out, “But, LORD, I am not asking for great things. All I need is just one friend with who I can talk to.” Probably Elijah also cried out like that.

   But the LORD separated you because HE wants to spend time with you. HE wants to talk to you, He wants to listen to what you have to say, the LORD wants to strengthen you, and most importantly, HE is changing you in to this glorious vessel that HE is going to take in His hands and use mightily – just like He used Elijah.

   One day came, and even that brook dried up. Probably you are facing the same situation today. The brook that was your only comfort has also dried up. You are not able to hear the music the brook created when it was running. It is absolute silent everywhere. But, listen carefully, dear child of God…. there is the sound of breeze there. A very soft gentle sound. (1 Kings. 19:12). A new command is given to you. A new door is open for you. A new life where you don’t have to worry about the waters of Kerith. A new door where people survive because of you. A new beginning where you become a blessing unto others. A new way where instead of ravens feeding you, the angel of the LORD will feed you. Are you ready to hear that voice? Are you ready to hear that gentle command? Because if you are, then there is only way to go from here. You will be crowned in the glory of our LORD, while you will see the fall of your enemies. You will see Ahab receiving the fatal blow. You will see Jezebel being pushed from where she is. So, dear child of God, take heart. Have hope. Believe. For your Creator is pleased with you and your faith.

Bible Verse: “Look, I have set an open door before you that no one can shut. Because I know you have little strength, yet you obeyed My word and did not deny Me.” – Rev. 3:8.




Some time later, the brook dried up.–1 Kings 17:7





Halwa and the problem with lowering the bar

DISCLAIMER: I am not a supporter of caste system. I am not against the reservation system. I have nothing against the physicians. And, surely, I love halwa – one of my favorite sweets.

Second year MSc. First class. Professor Sridhar R. Gadre. As far as I am concerned, he is a lion in the way he walks, talks and teaches. But my first impressions were different. There was a student in our class, who was not doing well in his courses. Prof. Gadre picked on him and in the first three days, he made sure that all of us understand that he did not want the student to be in the class. Prof. Gadre made the life of that student as uncomfortable as possible, and eventually, the student left the course after one week of the classes. Prof. Gadre said something at that time, which did not make sense to me then, but now… let us come to that later.

Prof. Gadre said: “Everyone has a right for education and everyone has to be educated. But after a certain level, it is not meant for everyone.” (paraphrased). I was told by my classmates that the student is from a low caste and it was what the professor meant. I don’t know much about Prof. Gadre, but from the little I know of him, I don’t think that is what he meant. From the little conversations I have had with him, I realized that he was against lowering the bar to accommodate caste reservations.

Again, I will never say that I understand the pain and agony some of my fellow Indians have suffered in the name of caste. The wounds are deep. The pain is excruciating. The lose they have suffered is too much to even consider. And they need all the help and the encouragement that can be given.

But, is lowering the bar the proper way to go?

My cousin sister is pregnant. And she suddenly had this craving for halwa. When I went home, she complained that my brother-in-law had refused to get her halwa. I asked him why and he gave a very sincere answer. “Because the physician said that if she eats halwa, the halwa would stick on the baby.”

I thought he was joking. I asked him again. He gave the same answer again in a very serious tone. I understood him, as in our part of India, people believe when doctors or lawyers say anything. But I could not believe that a physician, with a MBBS degree would even say something like that. But I found out that she indeed gave that advice to my brother-in-law.

I was later told that the physician got into MBBS because they have lowered the entry requirements for certain caste members. I will not go into the merits/demerits of this. But I will point out something else.

Now, my brother-in-law avoids that physician. Once people come to know of this and realize that uterus is not directly connected to our mouth, imagine how they would look at that physician. Contrast this with another physician in my town. He is also from the same caste, he also got in because of the reservation system, but he got in long before. During that time, reservation was there, but the entry requirements were the same. So he studied hard and he is one of the well respected physician in our town. People go to him for consultation, both rich and poor, all castes, everyone. People treat him with respect and admiration.

Now, what do you think is important? Lower the bar, give a degree but no respect or keep the bar high, earn the degree and get loads of respect? Let me know what you think about this.