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He restores my soul

After embracing us when we are down, and lifting us up from the mire and mud we were in, the Good Shepherd does one more thing: He lifts us up and carries us on His shoulders.


Why does the Good Shepherd carry us on His shoulders? Three reasons.

  1. He wants to make sure that the vultures that were circling above know that this sheep is not abandoned. He wants our enemies to know that the LORD is on our side. When we were down because of the foolish things we have done, it is easy for others to say that the LORD has forsaken us. It is easy for the devil to accuse us that it is because of our sins, God is far away from us. And it will be too easy for us to believe all that. The Good Shepherd wants us to know that when He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”, He meant NEVER EVER.
  2. He wants us to forget the old path. When we have a bad habit, we all know how our legs go in that path again easily. It feels so comfortable. It feels so right to go that wrong path again. Because we are so familiar with it. If the Shepherd leaves us on our own, we will walk that familiar path. So, the Shepherd wants to carry us till we forget those ways.
  3. Finally the Good Shepherd wants to feel His love. When He carries us, He talks to us. We hear His voice all the time, comforting us. The LORD wants us to get closer to Him. HE knows that we are hurt. HE knows that we need love and assurance. And when He carries you on His shoulders, we feel His love.

Dear friend, as the LORD is carrying you on His mighty shoulders, let us not panic. Let us not worry. Let us enjoy every single minute of it. Let us see our enemies fleeing finally away from us. Let us forget our old paths. Let us grow in our relationship with our Good Shepherd. And, when He carries us, remember this:


Psalm 16:8“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

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