Bitter Marah

Jesus Christ is the Same yesterday, and today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8

I have to admit that running to Jesus Christ, as soon as the Holy Spirit convicts me of sin, is tougher at times, because of the nature of the sin I had committed. There are certain sins that are abhorred even by the gentiles and when the Spirit of God points out that such sins are present within me, it is very difficult to run to Jesus Christ, the Holy God Who loves me so much. I am worried what if He does not accept me this time; what if He does not forgive me completely this time. What if I am an abomination in His eyes. So, I had tried in the past to rectify my mistakes on my own and every time, it led only to disaster.

When Peter denied Jesus Christ, all it took was one look from our Saviour and the Bible says, Peter went out and wept bitterly. (Luke 22:62)

Peter crying

I have felt that bitterness many times in my heart. At that time, it was not easy to bear that bitterness and it had made me weep inconsolably. But that bitterness has always led to joy of salvation that is in Jesus Christ. For His mercies are great.

That is why David says, “Let us fall now into the hand of the LORD, for His mercies are great.” (2 Samuel 24:14)

Yes, when we have sinned, let us come back to Jesus Christ. It may cause bitterness of soul for a moment, just like the bitter waters of Marah (Exodus 15:23), but in the bitterness, we will realize that He is YHWH Rapha, the LORD that heals us. (Exodus 15:26)

YHWH Rapha


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